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We’ve been busy adding additional functionality to the platform, and one of the things many of you have asked about is the referral system. With our latest update to the platform, we’re pleased to announce that referral system is now live.

This will allow you to invite your friends with a unique link that is activated after you paint on the interactive pixEOS paint canvas.

To find your unique referral link, simply click on the rewards icon that looks like a little piggy bank. Your link will be beneath any available EOS rewards you may have yet to claim; just click the copy button and share it with all your friends! Remember, the more people paint, the greater the community rewards!

When you log in with TokenPocket, Meet.One, EOS Live, EOS Lynx, or Scatter and paint at least one pixel on the canvas, you can share your referral link with anyone. All players that paint following your referral link will give you a referral bonus that will be automatically credited into your withdrawal area. If there is no referral the bonus is automatically thrown to the pot and distributed among players. (Your referral bonus is comprised of 5% of the total proceeds generated by players who paint on the canvas using your referral link).

To see more, check out this awesome tutorial by Stellabelle:

We’ve also made some other changes, like adding social media links to the “About” window, and fixing an issue with the un-staking timer (please note if you do any un-staking you will be ineligible for the next weekly airdrop).

We’re still hard at work and we appreciate the tons of suggestions outpouring from the community on how we can improve the pixEOS paint game, so thank you to everyone who has submitted their ideas to us. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make pixEOS a success; we’ll have more updates and features rolling out soon!

Feature art by Fabi Yamada.

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