Complete analysis of #BTC on 14/11/2018 from the #LAHORIHUB2020 team

📬Analysis of news📬

Media: Famous American universities have invested tens of millions in cryptocurrencies

Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts (MIT) universities have invested tens of millions of US dollars in cryptocurrency through funds under their control, reports The Information, citing informed sources.

It is noted that Dartmouth College of the Ivy League and the University of North Carolina also acquired digital assets and stakes in cryptocurrency companies.

Volume Analysis

On all timeframes there is a sharp increase in volumes on red candles.

📈Analysis of support / resistance levels📉

Timeframe: 2H

The new support line is at around $ 6,120, the resistance line has moved to $ 6,700

Divergence and Convergence

Timeframe: 15M – not detected

Timeframe: 30M – not detected

Timeframe: 2H – not detected

Timeframe: 6H – not detected

Timeframe: 1D – not detected

индикAnalysis of indicatorsℹ️

Timeframe: 2H

The graph moves in the lower channel of Bollinger, after a channel has sagged, the channel has expanded significantly. RSI is oversold and is at around 21%


📝 Action Plan

We have not yet determined what the drawdown is connected with, but we will try to figure it out as soon as possible. At the moment, we expect the price to stabilize, while fixing below the $ 6300 line, we expect a fall to the level of $ 5900. It’s still early to open any alt positions


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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    Nice piece, it brings up an issue I have been kicking around but can not, as of now, prove. I believe the current bear market is due to the professional speculators and institutional investment in crypto. Larger pools of money are able to send ripples through the market that trigger trades at similar levels. Several time over the past few months the market has dropped uniformly across the top 100 3 to 5% within the same hour. These trends should be looked at closely.