“No matter how painful, there’s always a sense of relief in the end of something you knew was supposed to be over”


             The feelings of being in a relationship is ecstatic and a milestone away from having a price tag. The sense of being in a relationship comes with great euphoria to the extent that being in a relationship is placed sky high in the hierarchy of needs when it comes to living a healthy and fun filled life. But people never really sit back to think about the roller coaster that accompanies a relationship. Having a relationship is undoubtedly a great feelings, but like we already know, anything that has pros must in one way or the other have some Cons even though that might remain undetected. So today, I will be talking about some of the down side of having a relationship.


1. TRAUMA OF WORK-RELATIONSHIP BALANCE: who said balancing ones career is easy? Talk more of adding a relationship to the midst. If work and relationship are two separate things so they must be treated separately. Work-relationship balance not properly tamed may lead to being between the devil and the deep blue sea. Once you have a relationship alongside a career, balancing both forces becomes mandatory. I previous published an article on work relationship balance you can read it up here.

2. HAVING TO PUT OTHERS FIRST: being in a relationship comes with a trailer load of responsibilities and one of them is having to put your partner’s feelings before yours otherwise, you become a selfish partner. You will constantly have to worry about what your partner thinks about what you wear, where you go, and the people you hang around with. To an extent that some people will constantly have to hit the GYM not because they want to, but narrowed down to the fact that they somewhat feels insecure of what their partner might think about their weight.

3. HAVING TO PUT UP WITH YOUR PARTNERS FRIENDS: once you find yourself in a relationship, it becomes necessary to get along with the folks who are dear and near to your partner. Sometimes, you might have to compromise your moment of solitude just to make out with them. You might even find yourself skipping some key events just to attend birthday parties, dinners, and get together.

4. SPENDING LESS TIME WITH FRIENDS: in rare cases, some relationship comes with a coin toss that you might have to choose between your friends and partner this is equivalent to being between the horns of dilemma.

5. MOOD SWINGS: every human is subjected to applicable changes. There are certain moments when we are having mood swings and we need to enjoy some moment of solitude. Being with your partner makes this difficult to achieve.

6. BILLS, BILLS AND BILLS: relationship to a certain level required bills. ranging from the bill to set up a steady communication, going on a date, going to the cinema and all that.

NOTE; these are just my thoughts of the downsides of a relationship so therefore does not mean you go ahead and call off your relationship. Relationship are part of the responsibilities of life. Go ahead and enjoy life to the fullest.

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  1. Rezoanul Vibes

    Yes, there are some downsides of everything. In a relationship, you have to put your effort and time, and at the same time, you have to make a balance between your professional life and personal life.

    In spite of having those downsides, having a relationship is great. Thank you @maryj for sharing this.

  2. James Diegel

    So true… Life is interesting like that for a collective species such as ourselves. With the advance of technology and the amount of time people spend alone interacting with others, I think there will be quite a surge in the negative ways we both interact and react to the unpleasant aspects of all kinds of relationships. Although I feel that there has always been aspects such as you mentioned above to be dealt with, I think as time goes on, we as a society will face many more challenges in this respect. I can only hope that just as relationships continued to evolve over time despite the stresses of continually modernized life through out history, they will continue to do so in the future as well 😉

  3. Julia Williams

    Dear friend very beautiful article, I want to say thank you for your valuable love and support towards my post, yesterday I achieved a milestone here in Trybe platform, and you can say I achieved the second rank from the beginning and I am now “Trybe Sentinel” so dear friend it’s can’t be possible without your valuable love and support, so Thank you for your love and support.

    **Five Stars for your beautiful efforts.**

    With love and respect.

  4. Jungle Onion

    I agree with the first one. Dealing with partners friends is overwhelming haha bills actually get easier to handle if both partners work and collaborate. Growing with your significant other and learning in life through bad and good is always going to be much better than being single. Thanks for the post.

  5. Infosion

    Thank you, nice article, well said!
    Think this also shows that it’s not THE big thing, but a lot of the little things which sum up and can make you question if the person you’re in a relationship with is really worth it.