Despite the fact that every day the number of people involved in crypto-history is growing, we are still far from the mass introduction of the blockchain. What do you need to start this process? What could be the catalyst?

My opinion is that if we want to launch a fusion reaction for the blockchain, we need products, including such as the Contentos Technology platform. Now on the platform 3 DApps – applications with integrated Contentos! These are “LiveMe”, “PhotoGrid” and “Cheez” – this is one of the projects of Contentos Technology and this is the project I want to tell you today.

Let’s see! What is this platform and what is it for? As the name implies Contentos – The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem. Quoting White paper  «Contents is a blockchain Protocol that aims to form the basis for a decentralized digital content ecosystem that enables all members, including creators, consumers and advertisers, to receive fair compensation for their contributions».

Now a huge problem-the unfair distribution of income and copyright protection. Well, the idea is not new, but very relevant! The project, which offers us to do it on the blockchain, is clearly going in the right direction! Let’s see how it is proposed to do!

Following further behind White paper «By utilizing the tokenization enabled by blockchain technology, Contentos aims to bring to life the dream of a more fair and democratic content environment. Content creation, curation, distribution, storage, and verification are all rewarded in COS tokens, the unique cryptocurrency powering the Contentos ecosystem».


“Cheez” is an application where users can share content (Publish an exclusive user video), create their own blogs and communicate with other users! For the publication of content, comments and watching videos, users receive a reward! To get rewards you need to perform daily tasks

If you just get rewarded for viewing the content the amounts will be small, but the payout is in the most popular coins ETH, BTC and the internal currency COS. It is important that this money can really get and monetize your content. Conditions for withdrawal-the process of passing KYC. There are also limits for withdrawal of at least 0.01 ETH, 0.005 BTC and 1000 COS and only once a week.

The application interface is user friendly and is made in the form of a game. You complete tasks and open treasure chests!

Once a day You can try your luck and play the wheel of luck

The application is simple and intelligently understandable. It is a product for everyone! I started my story with an introduction and mentioned the massive adoption of blockchain and the crypto industry. I am sure that platforms like Contentos and applications like Cheez will help to attract mass consumers to this sector of the economy. While cryptography is only available to investors and large companies, we will stand still. We need simpler and more understandable products. Product for all = acceptance! Watch an interesting video, comment, share your content and get a little cryptocurrency for it, what could be better! See who’s sharing their videos… A street magician, a guy who crumbles soap beautifully, the guys on the street do different funny shows, funny cats and a lot of things …. all this is now visible in all social networks. The more such products enter the market, the faster the blockchain will cross the threshold and enter every home!

Thank you for your attention! And I will be glad to your comments!

The article uses information from the official website. All photos and pictures are a compilation of screenshots of the official website and application Contentos Technology

I wish you all good luck, love and patience!

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    1. Ilia Post author

      Maybe you are! But I watched a lot of content in Cheez and most of the blogs are native to Europe and America… my opinion is that people want to join the blockchain technology and crypto and this is a simple and affordable option. If to speak about profit, it is undeniable that in the countries of the 3rd it will work. Thanks for the comment @Cryptoslice!