No1 rule in crypto-era: Do not store all your coins on exchanges!

Ok, fine, but what can you doing for maximum security? Hot wallets and desktop wallets are vulnerable. Hackers, phishing sites, malwares and keyloggers everywhere, at least this is, what everybody says. Sometimes its right, sometimes not. But safety first.

So you are paranoid or not, you have some other option to store your assets. We know the paperwallet. Simple, effective, oldschool. Until the first fire… But you were careful, and made some copy from your paperwallet. Its cool, but this is still just a paper. And we know the ledger, trezor, or similar stuffs. Right now, all of this are „oldschool” too 🙂

But some really interesting idea are exist! Lets see some solution! The purpose wasn’t exactly the cold storage, but you know, these are good for it.

BTC Smart banknotes, from Singapore

Not the storage was the primary goal, but if you like the thick wad of money, you have to check it! Yes, it is a simple printed, paper „money”. You need to use just your NFC-capable smartphone.

Right now the 0.01 btc and 0.05 btc are exist, but i think, its a cool idea, are we going to hear about it. I have found this on the, that is also the source of image.

BTC coin, as a piggy-bank

You can buy some metal coin (literally coin) to store your assets. The idea is simple: on the coin, you can see the public key/adress, so you or others can send to it btc, or other supported coins. And if you need your money, just removing the cover film, and you have acces to the private key.

Collect the coins on it, like in a piggy-bank, and use it, when the time came. On this page you can find some other information (the images are from there):

Keyois ring

From the homepage (link below): „The idea was to take the concept of a paper wallet and make it tamper evident and resistant to a wide range of damages.” I think, dont need more words, lets see the pictures (from homepage)!


When you want to acces to your funds, you have to break the glass, and reveal the private key. Until the glass is undamaged, you can know, your funds are safe.

ColdTi seed storage

Its be some good idea to key-coins, but what about the seed-coins, like iota or byteballs? Maybe need a bigger coin, or bigger ring, or bigger piece of paper? Or something else? Something titanium?

Yes, you can preserve your seed on this titanium plate in maximum security! Just engrave or stamp your seed, close with the binding posts, seal it with the stickers, and done! Looks cool, isn’t?

Source: ColdTi homepage

After you put the holo-sticker on, the plate is closed, so if you want to access your money, you have to remove the sticker.


And the bonus, if you want not just your coins, then all of your data, wallets, miners, password-managers, etc. keep safe at home:

ioSafe Series HDD

Technically, it is a rugged hard drive (like the rugged phones), what withstand all kinds of disasters including:

– Flood

– Fire

– Storm

– Theft

– Blow.

– Shots.

And various other calamities. If you run your miners via vps, this stuff is not neccesary, but if you operated your mining at home, i think, it worth to consider it.

Notice: originally published by me, on Steemit.

Source of featured image.

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