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I just realized I did a little mistake calculating the ROI for the coming payouts of BET24..! I hope you guys didn’t invest a fortune so far 😉 Actually it’s not that big of a difference as I thought before recalculating it. It’s actually not 99,53% for the expected payout for 24h at ~20% per hour as I told in my last article. It’s 85,38% at ~7% per hour.

Well, what happened and how?

I messed up two  important values. I calculated the price for the payouts out of the expected value for the CHIP tokens … and not from the value of the EOS tokens payout expectations!

I’m really sorry if anyone was misled by this! I guess this will make me double (or better triple!) check it when there’ll be some calculations like this in the future.

Now the corrected calculation for the expected payout is:

This calculation is now based on the current

– price of CHIP/EOS at 0.000134

– expected payout per 10k CHIP in EOS at 0.0971

And it’s decreasing by ~7% after every hour

There’s also some other good and “bad” news:

– The correct info for the “expected payout per 10K CHIP” went up from actually 0.0010 EOS at the time I was writing my last article to 0.0971 right now. So if the payout comes as announced there will then probably be still some more EOS in the payout by then!

– BET24 did another announcement in their telegram channel regarding the start of the payouts at the 10th of December

– The staking doesn’t work so far, despite them delivering this message in the telegram group. I couldn’t stake at any point so far. Another user in the telegram group did suggest you can use the Contract tab on to stake without having to use the DApp from BET24.

Unfortunately this didn’t work for me right now and others also not, as I can read so far. One guy suggested that the contract may be just be paused, because it`s there and some people already staked some coins.

So in the end I guess we’ll have to wait to find out if

– the staking function will be ready to use before the announced start of the payouts at the 10th of December

– the payout period will really start on that date

– there will be any announcements on their site (in the staking tab) or in their telegram group regarding the staking issues and/or a confirming/potential shift of the payout dates as announced so far

Also, sorry again for screwing up and hope I didn’t do too much damage! Really looking forward to being more accurate at this kind of calculations in the future. Also, I’ll better try to get some more sleep. Actually think this could have also happened with enough sleeping, but it probably didn’t help 😉

So my non financial advice for today (and for myself): Stay healthy, sleep enough and get rid of stress you can avoid!

And finally: Don’t forget the TRYBE airdrop is coming nearer and the investment opportunities keep shrinking! A short look at the market cap today shows that there’s probably no hope for the better in such a short amount of time regarding the price of EOS (or rather everything..?!). This makes the FIAT money option even more valuable right now! Just think about it – I don’t want to advise you – but if your plan is/was to invest in TRYBE you should get your FIAT money fast into EOS and then TRYBE (trying to lose the minimum amount of time for trading in between) to be included in the very valuable first of the 11 coming airdrops.

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currecncies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.



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