I think many lies have been told by a few angry women whose motive is to stir up hate against men and it has now been taken to certain heights for political gains.

My point to be specific,

Do you remember those times when a woman’s knew that her role was to be a Queen to her man and she understood she had a kingdom that needed her attention and same applied to the man? This simply means they both understood they needed to perform their distinct roles in the family. I mean those times when things hadn’t evolved to how we now know its to be today, if you’ll permit me to use the word “modernized” or “civilized”.

I mean those times when work needed to be done using the bare hands and production depended on it. A man and his woman had to get into some kind of understanding that for food to be on the table in the home, the man needed to assume the responsibility of going out to work for the family and this included the difficult tasks and they had an understanding about things, so while the man was out fending for the family the woman was at home performing other task.

Men are naturally wired to handle the physical challenges that has to do with labour and to provide for their families and I don’t think the feminist of would raise their sons to entrust a women with so much difficult task in this fight for equality. Men are wired for such task and secondly it enabled them stay in form. If the table somehow turned and women put in our shoes I think we would still be blamed for a lot of things. Imagine the absurdity of having women take up the strenuous tasks and the men at home.

I understand society through one of its instruments(religion) has heaped the origin of the woes in the world on women, for instance the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden which has been propagated by society and passed down form one generations to another and I understand the struggle for every conscious women on the planet who aims at to rising above it all.

It is important to understand the that throughout the evolutions in society from the early stages of human existence, there has always been a conspiracy to favour of a few set of people over the majority, from the communal era, slavery, feudalism, capitalism (industrial revolution), socialism.

The world is under a corporate entity referred to as “government” and governments as we know it has an interest of its own whether we accept it or not, its interest by far supersedes ours even though we have been tricked into thinking our opinion counts through democracy which is the umbrella for which there are numerous agitation for rights.

So out of the growing need for governments to win the battle for supremacy amongst themselves they disrupt the status quo for their corporate gains. Have you asked yourself why so suddenly the income of one individual became insignificant to carter for the entire family and the growing demand for wage labour to pay off debts and tax. It is simply the fact that governments discovered a way to enslave everyone and get them to work for their corporate gains. There came a time when women said they wanted out of the house and to take up jobs the men were doing and since it was never something to argue about we agreed and allowed them join in doing our jobs still the less strenuous ones. They later requested for equal pay we obliged.

Today Women say they need equal rights in everything including the home even when the home has entirely been theirs from the beginning and now there are pro abortion right movements aim at giving women the right to solely determine what happens to our child (mine and hers) in her womb.

Summarily, I don’t see a need for all this hate to go on. Women today have been filled with so much hate for men and I say we don’t have to fight when we can actually talk things through, if you still want to go on with your plans at the end of the day no problem but let’s talk. Feminist are a minority of females that have had a rough time with minority of males and we are not responsible for their actions and there’s no point transferring all that hatred to another person so as to achieve political gains, and do you know what all that hate is doing currently?, it is taking away the love from the hearts of few good men that are out there and the figures are increasingly falling by the day and very many are not ready to commit into any relationship.

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