To be honest im not the most tech savvy guy so maybe it’s just me but having spent hours trying to install an Eos wallet i have to ask how someone like my parents are supposed to manage or is this revolution only for Mr Robot and his friends?

i dont own Eos but i am looking to receive my Trybe tokens so i thought id just download a wallet and off we go, Google recommended Simpleos so thats where i started and after downloading it, naming a wallet , saving 4 sets of keys i was told that at the end of this process, a code will be generated and i will have to send this code to a friend that has eos on the mainnet, so he can create my account using SimplEOS.

Seriously…is this the future , sure there is going to be some technical reason why this has to happen but i dont have friend who owns Eos in fact i only have one friend who has Crypto and again i have to ask myself if this tech is so advanced why is it so complicated and how will it catch on if you need to be a computer genius to be involved in it

I am reliably informed that the only Wallet supported for EOS is KEOS (using Command line utility) as suggested by Block One, i have visited BlockOne but couldn’t find a wallet so i googled Keos and couldn’t find one there either and if im honest im quite relived as i have no idea what command utility is anyways…

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    I feel your pain Alan, I remember the many initial frustrations of setting up crypto wallets and trading on exchanges. EOS is particularly unusual in that you have to go through some hoops to create a wallet. I agree this will have to change to promote adoption. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Zawodowiec

    It’s just like you described it. I am waiting for a wallet that will be my father to be put on my own. Because so far I have a problem despite the many instructions that can be found on the yutube.

  3. sandwichbill

    Yeah, I know what you mean. When I get stuck on installing wallets, Scatter and the like, I turn to YouTube. Thereโ€™s always a video on there to show how to install a particular wallet. SugarFix recommended the Lynx wallet for EOS and it was so easy.

  4. Marius Claassen

    Alan, I also tried the simpleos wallet, but the creators don’t respond to questions about their app. And similar to you, I also don’t have friends who will create a wallet for me.

    Your questions are pertinent for this industry. Certainly, the masses will not adopt these technologies that only a very tiny minority of individuals can use.

    1. alan woodley Post author

      I keep thinking maybe im the only one not getting it, is good to know others are in the same boat because hopefully that will lead to changes…In the meantime i will leave the tokens here and keep others on exchanges and hope for the best, not ideal but options for me seem very limited.

  5. Jakaria

    I can understand you feeling, i was nearly to broke my keyboard >.<…. i think all of us had the same problem with EOS, and if you want to deal with Monero forget about it……. but fortunately, for mobile app EOS Lynx is really easy to set up.