Earlier this week we went live with our solution to the EOS CPU issue and in just five days we’ve already helped 140 people that needed a little extra CPU.  You can read more about that solution here. It turned out though that many users were going well over their allocated bandwidth while playing EOSBet’s new dice game and needed a bit more than the .5 EOS of delegated CPU that our service offered.  So we stepped up our game so that you can step up yours!

For those of you that have overextended your CPU and want to get back to dicing, CPUEmergency will stake you 10 EOS worth of CPU, at no charge, for at least 24 hours if you place your bets using this referral link. This service is free, and by using the referral link you will help keep CPUEmergency liquid so that we may continue to help others in the same situation. The bandwidth will be unstaked approximately 24 hours after the last bet was placed using the referral link and you will be unable to use the service again for roughly four days.  In certain rare circumstances users can find themselves so far over their allotted CPU that even 10 EOS will not help. If you need more than this amount of delegated CPU, or if you have other questions or suggestions with regards to CPUEmergency, please reach out to us on telegram at https://t.me/CPU911.

Here is how to use the service if you need CPU to dice:

1. Go to www.cpuemergency.com and enter your 12 letter account name here.

2. Check the box and the CAPTCHA and then click submit.

3. Click on the referral link and you should be ready to dice again in just minutes.

Again, if you just need a bit of CPU, you can still get .5 EOS delegated to your account by following the original guide, however, we would still appreciate it greatly if you utilized our referral link when rolling dice.  Feel free to tell us what you think or how we can improve our service in our telegram channel. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck and may you roll low numbers!

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