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I have just rebuilt my studio (well, not so much rebuilt – more redecorated, reorganised, and renamed my small study). It is now The Blueroom, named after the horrible shade of blue the walls were painted in the studio’s former life as a study. For those interested, the walls are now a light brown with a very creative touch of grey (decidedly not beige).

Now it is time to give The Blueroom purpose, and this is my first project: The Blueroom creative space here on Trybe.

I am inspired by creativity, and energised through its processes. I have written extensively on the creative process and the creative life on other platforms. It is a hobby, a passion. It is what I would choose to do, it is how I would define myself, my life and my life’s work if I were privileged enough not to have to spend my precious days and years in a more mundane occupation (but one which is – thankfully – not entirely without its own opportunities for creativity) .

Here in The Blueroom creative space series I will explore my approach to creativity and share some of the secrets and tricks I have learnt along the way as a musician and composer; as a member of a band and half of a very successful and long-lasting songwriting partnership; as a published author (of both fiction and non-fiction); as an academic and researcher; as an innovation policy wonk and collaborative leader in my workplace; and as a friend to many, very very creative people.

Much in the same way I have refashioned my study into my studio, here I will draw together the ideas of my previous work in a (hopefully) more coherent, cogent and thoughtful way. But I will also explore and outline the ongoing creative projects I am working on in The Blueroom studio.

I hope you will join me on my ongoing creative journey, and share your own creative passions, tricks and knowledge as comments here in The Blueroom creative space.

*Picture by @DrWom of original painting eosbattlewom at work in The BlueRoom

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