I feel down

Drained, and yes, with a frown

Who will come to my rescue?

Trust me, I lost all clue

My heart is pounding hard

That alone feels bad

I work so hard to make a living

In that hustle, strong and believing

We all want the fame

But sometimes it all feels like we are not up to the game

It’s tedious and tough,

The more I tried, the more it became rough

I’m now at a cross road,

Where other things starts to unfold

I said to myself, be bold

Yes, You will come out as gold

For a moment, I believed

Interestingly, I was relieved

Shortly after, the opposite happened

Something that left me dazzled

I lost faith in myself

Something was off the shelf

No matter how hard I try

Everything still looks dry

I lost hope and almost lost the vision

My only drive was my mission

To move on from here, it will take motivation

Give me and I will show my appreciation

I need strength, to carry on from here

If you ask me, the burden is beyond what I can bare

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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    Just found a post that resonate with my struggles. But what choice do we have then to self-motivate ourselves because the life inside this body only bear one resemblance, one unique soul and that soul need to believe and accept its strength and weakness to be found in the world