I write this post with a whiskey or 2 under the belt,
never more alone in the crypto world I have felt,

I listen to music while I write as I am now, always do,
my focus is strong, and inspiration is a flowing, shew,

Considering the end to my crypto poetry writing career,
reflecting on my poetry I normally used to write, no fear,

Listening to some of my favourites like Pink Floyd,
in the old days these might have many a life destroyed,

Songs written like “hey teacher leave those kids alone”,
from the eighties, many a kid influenced, drugs flown,

Many deep songs from the infamous album “Dark side of the moon”,
reminding me of BTC at the moment, saying to the moon,

“Oh how I wish you were here, 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year, oh how I wish you were here”, throw the towel,

Yeah my daughter has gone home to Mommy again, my thought,
I wonder how different it could be, divorce to me sold, I bought”,

“Roger Waters” a Pink Floyd song writer, some really amazing singers,
words like “and the piano lid came down and broke his fucking fingers”,

Memories of me trying to motivate myself to write about crypto,
great difficulty, finding related subject matter, broke my flow,

And the computer crashed and the screen crushed my fucking finger,
while I try to improve my crypto poetry on TRYBE, thoughts linger,

Think about my daughter and the times we have, for her I write,
I know that what I have achieved thus far on TRYBE, is right,

The nights I sit and ponder and chat on telegram, friends never met,
I enjoy this time, reminds me of U2, ”where the streets have no name”

Many a person I have met, so amazing on TRYBE, them, do I know,
no I dont, but do I trust, yes I do, yeah its my personality, its a show,

“Money for nothing, and chicks for free”, yeah Dire Straits, amusing,
earning and learning on TRYBE, writing and rating, confusing,

Do I give up my Crypto writing or not, I am this contemplating,
my life has changed, I recall my past and days of much fighting,

Hurts and pains, I have mentioned in my TRYBE postings, rated,
my struggles throughout and how I have achieved, now not rated,

I turned to crypto to earn, and a new life to begin, my struggles, forget,
damn I’ve been let down, this fucking BTC, can destroy, I never let,

For my daughter I will always strive to gain, through this pain,
my life with her no longer a stain, but growing, a plant with rain,

“Stand up for myself, society don’t care about nobody else” Simply Red,
you gotta be strong, even if I know this feeling is wrong”, this been said,

My brothers, I loved who passed, before crypto life, I love and miss, forever,
yeah they would have enjoyed this, especially the music, us together,

I pour another whiskey, no I don’t abuse it, to one or two always sticking,
feeling relaxed and listening now to Simple Minds, “Alive and kicking”,

My Mom who passed last year, an end to sadness, but suffering, sad,
I am and was 1 of 8 now only 6 left, for my Mom, I felt really bad,

“Madness”, yeah different music, but amazing lyrics, for my new Love,
amazing lady in my life, “I never thought I would miss you, half as much as I do,
and I never thought I would feel this way as I do about you,
as soon as I wake up every night and every day, I know its you I need,
to take my blues away, It must be love, love, Love, Love.”

Wow I wish I could write like that but hey we aren’t all musicians, I’m a poet,
so to this I stick, and my best I try to entertain, and thoughts to share, & care,

As to my crypto poetry life, I will continue, I have enjoyed this flow,
as I do hope you have and enjoyed too, for crypto, markets will grow,

I will remain as I am, an individual, a father, my daughter to love,
my new lady to care for, and my life as a person grow, the past shove.

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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Wow! Mark thank you for that really personal poem. I feel like I know so much about your life- like a real close friend. I also love 80’s music, it’s my favourite genre , but hey that is what I grew up with. Keep up with the writing mate! Crypto, life and poetry is a great combination! (and a drink or two) Cheers! Ian, btw what is your favourite whisky? I’m a fan of single malt Scotch.

  2. James Diegel

    One of your best yet – and confusion at its most coherent 😉 I really like the combination of the musical chyme amidst the personal lifecycle rhyme. And bringing it all together in the end with little physical change but insightful clarity was just beautifully done. Thanks for the share Zeus – it was a pleasant experience to knowing you a little better my friend 🙂

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Mmmm, second person to say that, sorry its so long, but difficult to fit all I wanted to say in a shorter version. Thanks for popping over to read and comment.
      Note to self, keep it shorter next time, 😉
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Its the only way I roll buddy, listening and reading and writing, it inspires me, yeah I guess the music from the late 70’s and 80’s is a fav of many around.
      Thanks for reading my poem bud, much appreciated.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      We all have a choice of beverage, I also enjoy coffee, and tea but I enjoy a whiskey or 2 at night when i relax and write poetry.
      Thanks for popping in to read and comment.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  3. Victor Essien

    this happens to be one of your longest poems i have come across, it was very inspirational, i think i need to try a poem with whisky to see how good i could be, but i doubt i could as you..i still smell of your whisky over here!! I think you found a good brand!! cheers to another bottle of whisky and good poems to come.