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The answers to Puzzle #2 will be in Puzzle #3


1  ACROSS: A Chinese based Supply Chain Tracking and anti-counterfeiting cryptocurrency that has a deal with a winery and some high end “Gucci” type products.
2.  ACROSS: Only a few months old, this Coin and Blockchain is a DPOS system that is ripping fast and currently at the top of the charts for usability and having zero fees for onchain transactions.
5.  ACROSS: The original grand daddy of all cryptocurrencies.
8. ACROSS: The trading symbol for a Platform that is a streamlined  permissioned private blockchain built for scalability also known as: “THE SMART ASSET BLOCKCHAIN”
10. ACROSS: This is a cryptocurrency project that will make it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications in JavaScript. Also their Sidechain Development Kit makes it easy for you to build your own blockchain.
11. ACROSS: The “Evil Banker Coin” forked/migrated from the original Stellar Lumins project, with unlimited quantities and the majority owned by the central creator.
13. ACROSS: A fork of Bitcoin that uses a hashing algorithm that makes it hard for Mining Pools, promoting a larger distributed network.
14. ACROSS: A low-latency payment platform that requires minimal resources. One of the fastest networks around and has zero transaction fees.
16. ACROSS: This crypto is designed to help migrate proprietary enterprise platforms onto a distributed ledger model. It’s like putting a private room in the public blockchain. It provides all the technology with no compromise on security.
17. ACROSS: This crypto is based on the ERC 20 Token Standard, that supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qtum, and provides developers with multi-protocol infrastructure for entertainment app development and allows users to benefit from what it is described as “smooth” multi-protocol smart networks.
19. ACROSS: This is a privacy coin whos name is the Spanish suffix  in the Spanish word for “cryptocurrency”.
22. ACROSS: This network is a proof-of-stake and infinitely scalable Plasma blockchain with a decentralized exchange built into its core consensus layer. It is a  Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution.
25. ACROSS: What is the NAME  of the crypto project that uses a proof-of-importance algorithm, multisignature accounts, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. (token symbol is different than name).
27. ACROSS: A semi-privacy coin that is also one of the first to have a functioning DAO that grants money to causes.  Kaiser and Baldwin toured the US in a motorhome to promote this cryptocurrency.
28. ACROSS: The Social Media site and DPOS blockchain set up by Dan Larimar. Now has evolved D.TUBE and others also.


1.  DOWN: The symbol for VeChain.
2.  DOWN: The first blockchain to allow for smart-contracts. It allowed for the great ICO rush of 2017.
3.  DOWN: First designed for the unbanked of the world, this project was later forked (stolen) by the “Evil Banksters”.
4.  DOWN: What is the symbol for the Privacy Coin that 

uses an obfuscated public ledger , meaning anybody can broadcast or send transactions, but no outside observer can tell the source, amount or destination?
6.  DOWN: What is the name of the crypto project that is based in Universities and use Peer Reviewed for articles and ideas and protocols etc.?
7.  DOWN: What is the symbol for the “Evil Bankster Coin”?
9.  DOWN: A “stable coin” associated with Bitfinnex that has never had a financial audit to verify its backing by the US Dollar.
12. DOWN: This was a Fork of Bitcoin that relates itself to “SILVER” as to BTC “GOLD” status.  It boasts faster cheaper transactions than BTC.
15. DOWN: Symbol for Ontology.
18. DOWN: Orginally this project was DogeCoinDark and is a Privacy Coin that is accepted at PornHub. McAfee once touted its praises.
20. DOWN: The symbol for a competitor to Ethereum which has a “gas” token (GAS) to fund transactions.

21. DOWN: A platform uses a “next-generation” consensus algorithm, based on the Bitcoin-NG proposal made by Cornell Computer Science academics Emin Gün Sirer and Ittay Eyal.
23. DOWN: The symbol for the University based peer-reviewed project.
24. DOWN: The symbol for the Bitcoin fork that is compared to “Silver” when BTC is compared to “Gold”.
26. DOWN: The symbol for the first ICO and SmartContract Platform. (Think Vitalic Buterin).






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