The metaphor wasn’t lost on me. On a bright sunny, almost gone afternoon, I was cutting down with a blunt handsaw a dead native Australian tree in the front garden. The tree is dead, right. That’s why I was severing it from the earth.

I’m in my third act and much closer to becoming compost for new life forms. As a silver hair grandmother I’m studying blockchain, crypto, alt coins and learning how to invest. Opening hard and soft wallets and downloading mobile wallets to my smart phone. Studying the online forum, listening to Youtubers, attending webinars in 2D and crypto conferences in 3D. Subscribing to Patreon, downloading desktop anti-virus, malware, security and private line software in order to ‘stay safe’.

Creating spreadsheets to keep track of coins, opening accounts with exchanges, setting up Polipay to send fiat to digital exchanges. Five months ago I did not even know what fiat was. The filing cabinet in my brain for blockchain and crypto has grown from zero to twenty plus files in the kerching of the emerging digital economy.

At times I’ve wanted to give up with the mantra of ‘it’s all too hard’. Being a ‘early adopter’ and a beginner at the same time has created trauma that’ll take a couple of lifetimes to process. Curiosity is sometimes a curse. The curse of wanting to know how things work, what’s on the other side and what can I learn and understand. Curiosity has rewards, however, the down side is two sheets of hardcopy passwords and 2FA apps, multiple mnemonics and note taking that makes we wonder ‘what the hell am I doing’. Then, I remind myself this learning curve is akin to climbing Mt. Everest and that’s really for young people – or so it used to be.

You may well ask, what is the motivation for a woman who could be your grandmother entering this brave new world, the latest wild west where mammoth dragonflies abound and aeroplane size cockroaches land daily? Mmmm, damn good question. I’ll get to that in the next post. Kindwhile, I’ll continue to pace learning and growing, connect with mentors and ride the virtual currents that only dragons fly.

photo credit: k.bell

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Great to have you onboard KMB, don’t worry we’re all running around in circles too (now where did AI put that damn seed, password, note, article etc.). Looking forward to hearing why you got on the crypto train in the first place.

  2. Infosion

    Wow, very big respect your you getting into all these new and complicated crypto stuff! I can’t tell of anybody I know of who has that much life experience and is interested in cryptos.
    I get you with all of the chaos with this Keys and Passwords: Hang on there! I think for example Worbli has very good potential to make a lot things easier for all of this. I’m sure things will get a lot easier and better with time going by.

  3. Movingman Dan

    Your not alone! Ok- Im not old enough to be a grandparent, but to start from not even using a smartphone until 2 years ago like myself, I completely get where your comming from! Looking forward and hope to catch your part two. All the stress and days sat at the computer will certainly pay off, and we are all contributing to a transparent future, we all have different incentives but it becomes a passion when you see how it will decentralize the planet, and just very nice that people who believe and buy into cryptos will reap what they sow later on. Thankyou,and welcome to trybe.. I really do hope you got the @cryptograndmother Steem wallet? You could snatch Cryptogranny for EOS!

    1. Crypto Grandmother Post author

      WOW – smart phone as of 2 years ago and now look at you. My partner is an analog man who says he allergic to the 21st century. He’s a dodo and knows it. I just wish he could make this OK for himself. He’s brilliant with his hands. Designs and makes the most amazing meditation benches Great to meet you and love your comments. I haven’t gone down the Steem lane and already have an EOS given account name. So, not sure how I’d procure Cryptogranny for EOS. Wishing you well ‘n’ happy.