Recently, another bitcoin robbery took place in Turkey. Phishing is the type of online attack that fraudsters send e-mail to random user accounts. This type of attack was used by a group that targeted the Krypto money investors. This fraud group stole the assets of the bankers by “phishing”. The 11-man fraud group is said to have been compromised by police. It is said that the counterfeiters who directed the mobile numbers of the money-makers of Krypto to themselves made a 437,000-pound strike.

Bitcoin robbery was done using the phishing method

14 people who filed complaints against the prosecutor’s office that the Krypto money account had been vacated have led to the emergence of the incident. Teams working to clarify the case revealed that Krypto money was stolen using the phering method with the statements of the people who were being cheated. Using this method, the fraud group found that customers had acquired their personal information and passwords.

After the “fishing” phase of the fraud Group, Krypto sent their mobile phone numbers to the bankers to transfer the money to their accounts. Members of this fraud gang prepared fake IDs and papers to make it to the GSM dealer to ring their phones and issued a new SIM card.

Without the knowledge of the crypto money owners, the fraudsters who had access to the account information stole all the crypto money. But the crooks transferred the money to a third party to get the police to lose their trail. Then, fraudsters who pulled the money through banks obtained an unfair gain of 437 thousand pounds. But things didn’t work out the way they planned and members of the fraud group were caught.

What is phising?

Phishing is one of the most commonly used methods of fraudsters in the virtual world, combining the words “password” and “Fhising”. Phishing, also known as “phishing” or “phishing,” fraudsters first send a message to people they target through an e-mail or social media like “you won a gift” or something like that. The person who opened this message is directed to the so-called bank or crypto money Company. However, the person actually reached the address network prepared by the fake site is the interface. Here, the login information and the password of the client’s information is entered into the hands of the crooks.

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