Crypto money mining does not take advantage of the best of reputations. This is primarily due to increased efforts to include this business model. According to a recent study, the malicious software that can make crypto money mining (malware) now targets Windows users.

Crypto money mining malware trend continues

Over the past few months, several warnings of crypto mining have emerged. All of this revolves around criminals who take computers to Monero or other currencies. In a new version of this attack, Windows users are targeted for purpose. Cryptojacking is a very rare trend, but at this stage it is only growing towards a larger industry.

Trend Micro researchers have encountered a new development. Malicious crypto currency mining studies highlight a new trend. By effectively deploying Windows installation packages, criminals try to use them for their own purposes. Unlike other deployment methods, the Windows Installer MSI files are perfectly legitimate. Therefore, doubtless, they do not immediately raise suspicion.

There is much more to this new malware distribution campaign. In the software “directory”, many files are added as a scam. Malware prevention tools installed on a computer are fooled by these files to completely browse.

Another aspect of malwareare: CoinMiner

Another strange aspect of this new malware deserves to be emphasized. This new tool, called CoinMiner, does not only enter the mineralization of the malicious crypto currency. It also has the ability to destroy itself to mask its activity. If malware is detected by any software solution, it completely deletes its installation directory.

This particular approach by criminals makes it difficult to prevent cryptos from breaking. If mining comes and goes without a trace of malware, there are very few measures to take. While malicious crypto currency mining scripts are easily detected, these Windows setup files are very different. This is another example of how the cryptogenic trend continues to evolve.

Earlier this year, this crypto took different shapes that tend to mining currency. Scripts have become less obvious. Instead, malicious Flash updates and vulnerable redirectors have become new targets to be exploited. Windows users seem to be trying too hard to block them. Windows is the world’s most popular computer operating system.

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