The large South Korean Crypto money markets are expanding globally and the Crypto sector is growing.

South Korea’s Crypto money markets spread to the world

The Bithumb, Upbit and coin exchanges are taking forward steps to expand their activities to the world.

Bithumb is launching a securities token platform in the United States.

Upbit opened its new trading branch in Singapore with 156 tokens and 221 trading pairs.

Coinone launched the Crypto money exchange in Malta.

Bithumb is expanding in the United States

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto currency exchange, has joined with Seriesone, the U.S. fintech company on October 31. Under the agreement, Bithumb announced that it will use fintech in South Korea for technology and marketing development activities.

Bithumb and seriesOne will establish a joint venture in the United States to provide a market place suitable for securities trading and to create a new stock market based on SEC, FINRA and other applicable legal approvals. In addition, the report says that Bithumb was purchased by BK Global Consortium, a Singapore group. It is also linked to 75.99 percent of the BTC Korean Holdings, one of the largest stock exchanges in South Korea.

Upbit is now active in Singapore

Upbit is another New South Korean stock exchange in Singapore. The new Singaporean stock market cocoa will be run by former President Ale Kim Indonesia and will begin on October 30th. Currently, the stock market will support only one fiat currency, namely the Singapore dollar (SGD), but will expand in the future.

Authenticated users can use the stock market because it supports trading in the SGD, BTC, ETH and USDT markets. However, the Upbit stock market is already working jointly with Bittrex. Upbit, led by Dunamu Inc, said they will have a strong partnership with Bittrex and leave a big mark in the global market.

Coinone Stock Exchange launches Cgex

On October 29, Coinone said that Cgex was not a legal currency, but a cross-border trading platform. He also announced the launch of Cgex. The platform started in Malta, where it applied zero percent commission to manufacturers for the first month of its launch. The coin will be opened with the same trading pairs as the BTC market.

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