Sell your DNA, perform your rights for bitcoin, offer your dead project to the Janitor, burn a part of your tokens in every transaction.

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rule in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it’s your responsible!

Nebula Genomics

You can sell your DNA to the company for tokens, and they sequence it. The company, and the third party contributor or contracted scientist use the results in researches, data analysis, for build family trees and lines of origins, medical processes. And they buy the data from you directly, no middle man, no fee.

You can think, you may help inventing cures and other things.

In another view, this is a huge danger. The data been stored on blockchain, and you can decide, you want to sell to someone or not, and all works with transparency, but between the two phase, there is a huge vulnerability. You send the sample, and it will be handled by humans. And the result will be write up to the blockchain, by humans. Between this two, you dont know, what happen actually with your DNA. For me, this is too big risk.


Earn bitcoin for voting in election. Why it is weird or strange? Useful, good idea. Yes, it is. And think about it: is not it strange that this is at all necessary?

We think about our civil rights, as stable, clear rights, what we can “use” anyime. Are you sure? Lately we all see, the big social media companies like google and facebook, they are break the rules and force (or try to force) their own political views to us, using mass censorship, news-manipulation. And we let them. Because most of the people are lazy, and dont use the power, what they have.

Actually, this project is over, it used for the midterm election in USA, and this was a little engaging, to vote, to use the power. Sadly, this is neccesary. Looks like the people doesn’t care about themselfs.


Every crypto project have a team, a community. Even if the dead ones had. When a coin dies, the money of developers/community members just stuck in, and the guys and girls are just flashing in the world, lonely and sad. And here comes brother Janitor.

If the Janitor project assimilate enough dead projects, and especially the communities of these projects, they can build a huge, new ecosystem, and they will change the deadcoins into bitcoin. I don’t know how, i can’t imagine that, but if it works, it is instant happiness for a lot of people.


Maybe a lot of times you hear these days, to HODL. What are we talking about? The price, all about the price. The bulls come, the price goes up, the bears come, the price goes down. This is unacceptable, we want controll over our assets.

Meet the HalfToken, what give to you the ultimate solution!

The token use a small coding magic to avoid this unhealthy volatility.

Unique, and i mean, really unique feature: when you make a transaction, the receiver get the half of the sent amount, the other half will be burnt. Continuous transactions, continuous burn, continuous supply decreasing, continuous price increasing.

Once the total supply have been transacted (and the half of it burned), who know, the price may go up to the double.

From the homepage: ” With doubling the current price (0 ETH), the result will be fantastic.”


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    1. Nicholas Post author

      Hm, do you know, you can’t invest in halftoken, right? That is a fun project with airdrop distribution, no ico, no serious business bullsh*t πŸ˜€
      If you want hodl it, just join the airdrop, and you get ~9M tokens for 0 eth πŸ˜€