Lead a band of heroes, colonize the Mars, train your battle-cats or panda warriors, survive in a flooded world!

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rule in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own decision, it’s your responsible!


Ether League

Collectible RPG on ethereum blockchain with nice ingame features. The “starter-pack” is the genesis hero, what you can buy with eth, and there is more than 500 genesis hero right now, all of them an ERC-721 token.

They have referral-program, and you can earn real ETH with your adventures. Also have a Lucky Draw, what is a spinning wheel with ETH prizes too.

Not just bored kitties πŸ™‚


Nice colonization game on ethereum blockchain, with reachable goal: go to the Mars! We have many games like this, but be honest, if you want to really “relive” the experience, history-based games need time-machine, scifi games need hyperspace-engine, tycoons need business-experience. All of them are kind-of-fantasy games.

But we are so close, to actually colonize the Mars, maybe today we play it, and five-ten years later, we watch it in news. I would like to watch it πŸ™‚ It’s a game, what can be the near future.


This one is not exactly a game, but a whole gaming platform with crypto-features. They have own multicoin wallet application, developer tools, and of course, bunch of released, launched games, that you get paid for playing.

The ION is a PoS coin, so if the game developing and the platform will grow, the miners will be happy πŸ™‚


Ethereum-based cat game, but definitely not the cryptokitties πŸ˜€ Postapocalyptic 3D battle-game, where the cats and items are collectible tokens, with your full ownership, and full transparency.

You can create and upgrade your cats, and you can train them in the battles with other players. Banzai!

Aftermath Islands

Survival strategic game on Tron blockchain. The basic idea is something like that, what we saw on Waterworld movie: our world is flooded, and the people live on islands and ships. Drama, fight, role-play, survive πŸ™‚ First you have to make your island habitable, and then you can think about the future.

The islands and items are tradeable.


When Kung-fu panda met the EOS, we get this. MMO-game , based on EOS. Nurturing and tactics and collecting possibilities. Actually, the game provide everything, what you saw in any mmo-game, but in transparent way, and you can earn eos. And the graphic is so lovely!


Notice: originally published by me, on Busy. The pictures are screenshots and are from the official pages.

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