Price prediction based on media sentiments, convert your cryptos fast and easy, super-duper hardware wallet, and a portfolio-management app for your ios device.

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This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time.


Coin Canary

The basic idea is so simple: monitoring the media sentiments, especially the type of articles, bad news or good news. FOMO or FUD. We can deny the reality, but we all know, the mainstream media have the biggest influence to the average investors and enthusians, so there is a connection between the prices and the community activities.

So when we see the “mood” of market, we can “see the future”, at least they say this πŸ™‚ I dont know, its works or not, but i’m sure, the idea is simple and cool, same time.



If you are beginner, this conversion tool can be very useful. No registration, just choose the source, add the withdrawal adress, and done. Okay, maybe there is some cons, i mean, no registration? So any protection for users? In first look, this is easier than the most of the exchanges, but you can do your own operations with attention and care!

I prefer the normal exchanges with permissions, but i know, for many beginner users could be scarry their difficult user interface, and the less-professional customer service.


Cobo Vault

I dont know any “normal” stuff, what can damage this hardware wallet. IP68, so water, dust, shockproof. Inbuilt self-destructing mechanism, what mean, you have to, no, you MUST make a backup, because you fail something, this stuff take your coins from you.

Multiplatform, whats mean btc, bch, ltc, dash, eth, tron, eos, and their tokens are supported. Impressive list.

Right now, it have an indiegogo campaign, but i hope, we can see it soon in the stores, because the feature-list is very impressive!



If you are a whale with lot of coins, or you are a gambler, with lof of shitcoins, maybe its your app πŸ™‚ This is a simple portfolio-management for the overview, track your assets on multiple platforms. And when i say assets, its assets. Not just for the cryptocurrencies, but for cryptocollectibles too. Or a customized newsfeed. If sometimes you feel yourself overwhelmed… you can consider it, to use an app like this. Unfortunately, ios-only app, but im sure, in the android-era have more users too, and they are waiting for it!


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    1. Nicholas Post author

      Yep, i think it too about cobo πŸ˜€ Okay, its strong and looks really badass, and what crazy idea is the self-destruction, we arent in a scifi movie πŸ™‚ Despite this, 600 usd is too many. Or i earn not enough in my job πŸ˜€