Collect dates, watch graphs, conquer or build countries, mutate and train your crabs to fight!

Notice: originally published by me, on Steemit, as a bilingual article. The pictures are screenshots, and are from the official pages.

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This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time.


NOT a dating app for crypto-enthusiast boys and girls πŸ™‚ So what? You can claim any date between 1000 AD and 3000 AD, and the date is the token on the blockchain, and if you claim the token, you own that date.


Why is good? Basically, its totally worthless and nonsense, except, if the date is worth something for you, because you can storage an unique picture on this token! A photo about you marriage, born a child, an anniversary party, your graduation, anything. Who know, maybe the historicans in the future just start to be fond the cryptoverse, and the date of United States Declaration of Independence will worth millions.

The tokens, and also the dates are tradeable on Emoon marketplace.


As you can think for the name, with this tool you can watch the cryptocurrencies. Next to the real-time pricetracking, this can show you data from many exchanges, and give almost all types of indicators for technical analysis. For the clear view, show graphic graphs too. I’m not a big trader, but i can imagine, how cool can be this for a hardcore exchanger and investor. Real time graphs, fancy coloured lines,Β possibility of comparison. Sounds good.


Eth-based game, where you can conquer countries, and all kinds of things you can do with them. And earn rewards from them, is important. You can sell your land for profit, you can join contest and win prizes and jackpots, you can deploy advertise to your country.


If you own a country, you earn dividens lifetime, of all trade of this country. Its mean, the country was sold ten times, you get some percent from the price ten times… Collectible game with long-term passive income? Interesting idea.


EOS-based multiplayer online strategic game, where you can earn real tokens. The gameplay is pretty oldschool, you start with a little capital, and the the adventure begin. Grow, evolve, fun! I write oldschool, but i mean, its simple and clear, not too much added feature and pimp.

Here is a teaser video, half minute, you can decide, want to play or not. Btw this seems pretty cool combination of Civilization and Caesar series. And this kind of game is exactly that, what the EOS chain need! We have so much dice and poker games, its time to some better!



Another CryptoKitties competitor on eth-blockchain, with battle-crabs πŸ˜€ I repeat. Mutant battle crabs. Actually, this is a “spin-off” of the mobile game Crab War, and in this, you can mutate and train your crabs, for the pvp battles. The game will launched in 2018 december, and battle feature in 2019. The Crab War game have 350 million user worldwide, so if this game can reach 10% of them in the first few months, it will be huge!

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    1. Nicholas Post author

      CryptoDate is very unique idea, indeed πŸ™‚ If in the future, they grow huge, maybe some of dates will be very expensive or very exclusive. Hm, no. All dates are exclusive, coz only one piece is exist πŸ˜€