Mine your own crypto, on not-usual way! There is few two-in-one device for cryptomining and an addition benefits, so forget the ugly, noisy and difficult rigs!

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This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time.

Comino N1

If you operate your own miner rig or asic, you know, it consume lot of electricity, and generate lot of heat. You may think, this is a disadvantage, but why you think? Because there is no way to “harvest” that heat, and it is just the secondary product, or worst, reason to cooling, what need more money.

Some company knew this, and they made a solution. Meet the Comino miner, a fancy machine, what you can use as heater in your office or living room. Clear, nice design, decreased noise, impressive performance.

The estimated heat-generation (depending of the settings, of course) is 1 kW/h, this is enough to heat 10-20 sqm of room or office.

In this short video, you can watch some details:

Bitmain AntRouter

With this, there is no heat-harvest, this is a simple two-in-one stuff, but i think, not bad at all.

When you want to connect to internet, you use a router. Why not use that router to mine for you?

The basic work is very simple: you connect the device to internet, and it start the mining via Bitmain’s Antpool, in case of DASH with ~25W electricity consume.

Right now there is a few supported crypto (one device can mine only one currency): bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash, siacoin.

Quarnot Heater

Similar to the Comino, but this player is a little bigger, but still easy to use. It looks wall-mounted, so you can’t move easy, from your office into the room. But when you find the correct place, this works well as 600W heater, while mine the crypto for you.

You can control the device with your smartphone too πŸ™‚

Coinmine One

Another easy-to-use, app-controlled home solution, with nice design and impressive capacity.

Come from a Coinbase-backed startup, right to your desk. I don’t want to waste so much word for it, there is no basic different for the previusly devices. I show some pictures, and you can decide, want to buy or not πŸ˜€



If you don’t mind the ugly, industrial sight, this big boy may be the best choice. The primary goal was the heat-harvesting, not the design and the mobility.

So they just create a miner-kit, what you can install into your heating system, if you have watertube central heating. All the heat, what the device generate, heating the water in the tubes. Simple idea, right?

And a short video, about the system:

Notice: originally published by me, on BusyΒ as a bilingual article.

The pictures are screenshots, and are from the official pages or the review site (in case of antrouter). Source of the featured image.

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