Exchanges are one of those things that play a crucial role in the awareness, existence and prosperity of the CryptoCurrencies as a whole. They possess the utility to serve both: the experienced users as well as the beginners, many of whom are coming into this industry namely via Exchanges.

And yes, we all dream about the day when we’ll be able to trade on decentralized Exchanges and Atomic Swap platforms; but it’s still a pretty long way to go until we succeed in illustrating, educating and motivating the majority of our population about the importance of holding their own private keys and interacting with Exchanges via Smart Contracts directly from personal Wallets; rather than depositing our funds on Centralized servers where we don’t have any control, keeping in such way the middle man in between.

Anyway, until we get to that stage, the biggest volume is on the Centralized platforms where you sacrifice your security for convenience — think of it like keeping your money into a bank account.

So, they offer unique methods of rewarding their users for creating accounts, becoming native coin/token holders, trading and referring other people in accordance to their specific tendency.

Now, in order to keep this activity organized so you can enhance the efficiency of getting paid by as many such companies as possible, I would recommend using the CryptoEmail tool:

After you familiarized yourself, it’s time to jump right into action by heading over to this Website:

There you can access an aggregate of all these Exchanges in one place and start monetizing your activities immediately through a very diversified range of options, where you can choose one, some or even all of them; for example:

== – pays token holders 80% of the trading fees, just hold CET tokens in your Exchange Wallet.

== – another revenue sharing Exchange that is paying out a big percentage of trading fees to users who hold KCS token.

== – one of the most popular and easiest to use CryptoCurrency Exchanges, get discounts on trading by using their native BNB coin, refer friends and earn a commission.

== – one of the biggest exchanges and has some of the most popular coins available, refer users and earn.

== – a popular Crypto Exchange that works fast and has many coins listed along with many new coins being regularly listed.

== – a New Zealand based Crypto Exchange, has lots of good coins for sale and the system works nice and fast.

== – a popular and easy to use CryptoCurrency Exchange with very low fees and many different coins, earn a percentage.

== – CryptoCurrency Exchange that has an affiliate program, earn commission on all of your referrals’ buys and sells.

== – new Crypto Exchange very similar to Binance, new coins are launched here and you can earn money holding the Bitz token.

== – earn 20% commission from your referrals for life as long as they don’t modify their clauses, good Crypto Exchange with many different coins and good trade volume.

== – awesome CryptoCurrency exchange.. refer others and earn a percent of all trades done for life as long as they don’t modify their clauses. [tutorial]

== – a nice and easy to use CryptoCurrency Exchange, sign up and trade / withdraw without verification nice and quick.

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Disclaimer: I disclose that I’m paid to promote CryptoEmail project which has its own ERC-20 native token called cMail. There is no guarantee when this token is going to be listed on any market, if ever; nor, at any point, I guarantee its future price/value, if any price/value at all. However, I chose to promote it not because of the monetary incentive alone, but also because I truly believe in its product, service and vision as a whole; that being said, you should realize that my belief might be biased and you should do your own research and take actions based on your own investigation and not based on my beliefs.

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