Cryptodice is a dice game that relies on players’ fortune. Only those with luck on their hands win. You wager on the outcome of the roll of the dice, not sure of anything but two results for you: winning or losing. But what makes this game fair to all is that luck is never on only one person’s hands. Luck is for everyone—you just have to wait for your own turn or harvest the luck yourself!

Good thing, Cryptodice is a blockchain based game. Its results are impossible to tamper with and it has a smart contract with Ethereum. This means that all results are always honest.

Cryptodice allows its players not only to enjoy the thrill of the unknown but also to grow their ETH. Every win has a corresponding reward and the more bets you make, the higher the chance that you’ll get bigger rewards!

It’s very easy to play! Soon as you have loaded up your Metamask with ETH, go to the game site: and play! Choose a chip size, bet on any of the dice combinations found in the Cryptodice table and click BET! Wait for the result of the dice and find out if you win! Don’t forget to share to us your experiences by tweeting us! Here is our twitter:

We’ll look forward to your message! Happy ETH farming!

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