I did not know that for the cryptomonete a dependency can be born😆, but after the news I read I can not write you a deepening of all this! In practice, a county of Scotland has created a rehabilitation path for “crypto addicts”, that is people with a problem of dependence on the trading of crimes.

The treatment aims to address the main weaknesses of the patient giving him tools to be able to do without all behaviors considered pathological.

I have read that as an example the case of the investor in Bitcoin is often cited that last year he used his house as a guarantee in asking for a loan of 325.000 dollars😨, useful for making new cryptocurrency trading operations .

The hospital, which is located in the historic county of Peebles, already runs several recovery programs for alcoholics and drug addicts so he decided to open the horizons by including the dependence on virtual currencies! he also said that he had drawn some of the basics of treatment from the techniques used in programs related to gambling abuse.

According to many experts, trading on virtual currencies, can gradually turn into a behavioral dependency, similar to online gambling so that the individual would assume obsessive attitudes and rituals, leading him to lose days in the spasmodic consultation of the smallest percentage changes in the price .

But I ask myself: is it ever possible? 😐

The Scottish hospital did not mention a specific number of people dependent on cryptocurrencies in the world, a figure difficult to quantify, but considering that there are about 14 million to trade on digital currencies, it is easy to assume that it can materialize for some of these in a real pathology! Apparently

cryptocurrencies cause great excitement and allow individuals a real escape from reality: Bitcoin, for example, is used many times in bets involving important figures, able to bring big gains or big losses; and here the addiction takes over!

Some people say that many people including professional investors but also people with a normal job is getting closer and closer to the world of cryptomoneta increasing their daily attention more and more by putting more and more normal life everyday life!

To understand whether a subject has become a pathological case or not, this clinic claims the classic questions that are posed to alcoholics or drug addicts such as:

I spend a lot of time thinking about cryptocurrencies?

Am I spending a lot of money on cryptocurrencies?

Have I ever obtained money illegally to finance my cryptocurrency investments?

Did my behavior related to cryptocurrency trading ever influence my interactions or my position?

It is not nice to hear this news sometimes I think that we humans do not set limits, this leads to being “limited” unfortunately! Precise that is my opinion but the word limited to me means to have above all a closed number of thoughts, thoughts = ideas,ideas = decisiveness, resoluteness = find a life of exit and therefore do not sink! We should therefore try to think a little more and act less perhaps of these cases if they would feel half! But the fact remains that the Cryptomoneta is attractive and I see is taking more and more value “almost invests!


Image source: pixabay

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