CryptoMinerWorld is Progressing Nicely

CryptoMinerWorld has been in develpement for a few months now. The basis of the game is you have plots of land and gems that mine it for prizes. They have already had a very successful pre-sale for plots and gems. Since then they have developed a market to sell gems early. Even despite the current crypto slump, I have been able to trade off some of my lesser gems for profit. Now CryptoMinerWorld is brining the next new asset, Countries! I’m sure this will create a new hype and fomo for this game. This will draw new players and help to keep those cute little gems valuable.

What is the Country Sale all about?

Countries are a profit generator for you. Buy a country and you will receive 10% of every plot of land bought in your country! The bigger the country, the more expensive, but also the more money you make. The amount of land plots in a country is set and will not change. The price of each plot is also set and will not change. This allows us to show you a precise minimum return on investment (ROI) of each country.

For example, the smallest country that will be sold is Comoros. It will cost 0.00533 ETH. After all plots are bought, the country owner will make 0.016 ETH. That is 3 times what it costs to buy it. That is a pretty awesome ROI. But remember, the bigger the country, the higher the ROI! Russia, the largest country in the game, costs 15.73 ETH, and earns its owner 125.84 ETH after all plots are sold! That is 8 times what it costs! a 700% ROI All of those numbers are just the minimum you can make after selling all of your plots. As a country owner, you will also make 2% of every plot that is resold on the player-to-player Market.

This is a source of passive income. Country owners do not need to do anything. Just buy the country and then that’s it. ETH will automatically be deposited into your account every time a plot is bought in your country.

The total amount to buy all the countries is just under 225 ETH. The minimum amount that all countries will make their owners earn is 1,000 ETH!!!!!

Here you can view all the country prices and how much ETH they will generate.

Don’t Forget to Stop by The-City

The-City is like the Chucky Cheese for CryptoGames. You can gamble, rob, and chicken fight to earn MoneyBags. MoneyBags then can be used like coupons to claim CryptoGame Assets like ChibiFighters. We even take MoneyBag bets on NFL and NBA games to make watching meaningless games fun again. This is why you want to be in TheMob, they get 10% of every winning bet in The-City. Even if you don’t win the invite contest, we give away prizes all the time. You can even buy a ticket into the mob in The Auctions with No Losers where you either win the auction prizes, or profit ETH. Here are some more ways to make yourself a winner below.

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  1. Siddartha

    Nice, I have been following cryptominer world for a while. Country sale is fine for the fundraising, but I hope the dev shifts his focus back on the mining and hire people which he intended to make the development fast.