This review is designed to give a simple understanding of the airdrops EOS hodler receive from time to time. If you want a full in depth analyses of CryptoPix i suggest reading the white paper. Everyone one who played Pixel Master and lost their EOS will receive in proportion to lost funds an airdrop equal to 50% on the CryptoPix total supply. Pretty unique way to have an airdrop :P. If you dont have any tokens they are having an airgrab when you sign up.  The airgrab ends tomorrow i believe so better get a move on here is the airgrab payout to EOS ratio

What is it?

CryptoPix is a new game on EOS where you draw anything you want with a winner of most upvoted picture announced every 24 hours.

How it works

It works similar to Pixel Master but the developers have worked hard to not make it a poniz scheme.  Anyone can enter a drawing and also draw on anyone elses drawing, the idea it to have people cooperate to win. You can vote as many times as you like (once per drawing) and the earlier you vote and/or draw the higher your winnings (if you win).  You cant draw over someone else with the same color. To draw you have 2 options stake your tokens which gives you pixel rights in proportion to your staked tokens and spend your tokens for instant drawing. The difference is you get alot more pixels to draw if you spend the tokens but they are gone forever if you draw from staking you get less but it slowly regenerates. CryptoPix only has 16 colors to keep it simple but also offer 3 premium colors gold, silver, bronze  which you can buy the rights too for 10k PXS.

Some quality stuff getting drawn


Inflation is set at 5% a year which is calculated over a 47 year period.


I like how the tokens work with the staking making the game free to play if you just want to give it a quick go and if you are truly into it then you can buy more. Good to see some quality art getting make and they have tried to keep it fun more then a easy money grab poniz scheme.  They will be offering some free EOS account to new users which is good for everyone. Check it out and have some fun 🙂

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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Hi there!
    I took a look at a similar project than this one you bring us a couple of months ago; “Pixel Master” I guess is its name.
    I did not find the meaning of the project very much so I ended up not playing, although it might seem fun and an original idea but the truth is that that airdrop they propose is a good detail for all those who lost something.
    Anyways I love every single thing built in EOS just for that simple fact.