CSX-EOS is a team of professionals who are supporting the Telos Blockchain as a CSXCommunity Block Producer (BP).

Our Goal as a Telos Block Producer

Our goal is to become an active BP to support the network, applications, and developers of the Telos chain. We are longtime members of the Bitshares and Steemit communities, in addition to running a Block Producer on EOS – CSXCommunity.

We believe in Telos goals to address some of the issues encountered with EOS. Specifically, we believe capping the amount of Telos to a maximum of 40,000 tokens will create more a decentralized network. Therefore, governance decisions will be in the hands of many; as opposed to a few (more centralized).

To learn about additional Telos benefits, see this article by Douglas Horn, a founding member of Telos.

CSX as a Block Producer

Our team has extensive experience in crypto currency mining, investing, and witness/block producer operations. Duane Phillipi, the founder of CSX, started mining Bitcoin in 2011 on the DeepBit and BTC Guild mining pools.

Trenton Bullock, aka Educated Warrior, is a prolific masternode, block producer, and witness operator for a variety of Graphene and EOSIO based chains. Michael Pair, aka @Pairmike, has been a miner, investor, and trader in the crypto currency space since April 2013.

We are here to help Telos Succeed

If you think CSX Community can help you or your company succeed on the Telos Blockchain, please reach out to us. As we help you succeed in reaching your goals, the entire Telos ecosystem will be stronger.

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