I had the opportunity to speak to about 1000 students about blockchain technology and the importance of decentralized applications at a Lecture theatre in Covenant University, Nigeria.

This was on day one of the Campus Blockchain Hackathon where the students of Covenant University were introduced to the basics of blockchain technology. The speakers for the day were Mr Chimezie Chuta (Founder of Blockchain User Group), Kayode Babarinde(Event Coordinator and CDIN Fellow), Mrs Owen(Country Head for Luno) and Tojukaka (Co-founder of the EOS University Project).

From Left to Right: Ekereke Precious(ONO Volunteer), Mr Efosa Uwoghiren(Head of Hebron Start-up labs), Mr Chinedu(Markerting head at Luno Nigeria), Mrs Owen (Country Head for Luno Nigeria), Kayode Babarinde (CDIN Fellow), Kaka Toritseju/Tojukaka (Founder of the EOS University Project)

The students were thrilled to learn about such a revolutionary and auspicious technology but I’m pretty sure that they were not as excited as I was.

I was excited because I know how far the blockchain and cryptocurrency community has come. From being misunderstood to being feared, and labeled as bad and now blockchain is being discussed amongst academic scholars in Nigerian Universities!? The possible use cases for blockchain technology are endless and that is what the Blockchain Campus Hackathon is all about. Let us use technology to build real-world solutions and applications that can make the world a better place.

The blockchain campus hackathon is a step in engaging the academic community on the potentials of Blockchain Technology for national development, the unique role of academic institutions, and more importantly, the need to incorporate it into our academic curriculum(Kayode Babarinde).

The world is on the brink of one of the most revolutionary change. Money is ripe for disruption. Everything is ripe for disruption. Africa will not be late to the party this time. We too can be at the forefront of technological advancement.

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is upon us. It’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies become as popular and generally accepted as national currencies. Then blockchain will cease to be just another buzzword and values like security, privacy, transparency, truth, and decentralization will become part of our culture and reality once again.

The blockchain campus hackathon is a CDIN initiative that organized by Kayode Babarinde a fellow of CDIN and my humble self Kaka Toritseju(Tojukaka) Co-founder of the EOS University Project and EOS Nation Ambassador. The Hackathon is also sponsored by Luno and Kora Network.

Originally published at busy.org on October 5, 2018.

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