Day Two: Brainstorming

Following up with the symposium from Day One, participants were mentored by Mr.Bashr Aminu Co-founder of Venhub on tools and frameworks to building decentralized applications.

While he opened their eyes up to the wonders of Blockchain and decentralized applications, their curiosity was not left unattended as the interactive part of the session kicked in. Questions from students arose from this and answers were freely given from the supervisors around.

The students formed teams with various areas of specializations ranging from web developers to business analysts, project managers, and the likes. It was a heated session of idea building, it was obvious that the students of Covenant University had been trained to solve problems. This is where the majority of the excitement came from.

The groups dispersed after arriving at meaningful conclusions for further study. They would come back today (5th of October) to come up with the best solutions they could with hopes of emerging the winner of the Campus Block Chain Hackathon.

Originally published on my blog on October 5, 2018. You will also find this article on the official Campus Blockchain Hackathon Medium Blog [email protected]

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