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I think the most important time for casino dividends invest is today when the MEV staking period ends for next week. That means if you stake your tokens until today (in ~15 hours from now, when I wrote this article) you will get rewards for next week.

So now it’s a good time to make a comparison of the current available dividend payouts to decide if it’s worth to invest more in MEV or rather something else. This is especially important now because the payouts of MEV have been decreasing rapidly since the last two weeks. This doesn’t mean they are bad! It’s still ~17% for the whole week from my calculations/investments. This calculated down to every day is still 2,48% and above all other that pay out every hour or daily.

In this table below you see the daily ROI calculated out of the current tokens price from today:

* = one free lucky draw daily

You can compare MEV to the others and see that EOSLuckyMe looks also interesting with 1,8% or FAIR with 2%. I can say that I guess MEV is probably rather low this week then decreasing more – but can’t say something like that for sure, so time will tell. EOSLuckyMe surprises with this nice payout, I hope this will last. FAIR surprises me also, but they are very volatile with their payouts from what I can see from my short week or so investing some in them, so it could be less very fast.

DICE just had some huge price action on Newdex for DICE/EOS:

Source: DICE/EOS at Newdex

Also the payouts went up a good portion from normally recently only 0,2% – 0,4% to 0,85%.

FunCity announced Texas Holdem Poker, so I guess that also made the price going up. This of course influences the ROI I’m calculating out of it positively. Compared to all others the payouts aren’t that bad. If I hadn’t so much already I would probably still buy some, because of future stuff and now decent payouts and will probably not sell at the moment.

So with MEV decreasing, but hopefully only temporarily lower payouts and some others who are worth thinking about I think this data helps a little to get a good diversification.

And last but not least the even more important TRYBE invest doesn’t really interfere for me so much with this, because I think this should be clearly done with FIAT money right now. Here’s what I wrote to it in my last article, still fitting I guess πŸ™‚ And just as a reminder: Maybe you have some Tether flying around, that’s of course the same thing …

Don’t forget the TRYBE airdrop is coming nearer and the investment opportunities keep shrinking! A short look at the market cap today shows that there’s probably no hope for the better in such a short amount of time regarding the price of EOS (or rather everything..?!). This makes the FIAT money option even more valuable right now! Just think about it – I don’t want to advise you – but if your plan is/was to invest in TRYBE you should get your FIAT money fast into EOS and then TRYBE (trying to lose the minimum amount of time for trading in between) to be included in the very valuable first of the 11 coming airdrops.

Here are all the EOS dividends paying gambling DApp sites from the table above:

Royal Online Vegas, former MyEosVegas (MEV)

EOS LuckyMe (ROLL)

FunCity (CITY)

Endless Game (ET)


EOSJacks (JKR)




BetDice (DICE)


YUM Games (YUM)


You can buy and sell all of these tokens on Newdex.

I couldn’t include EOSeven because they are temporarily in maintenance. Also, there were no more payouts the last days. So more on that in the future …

On FARMEOS you only get dividends if you have at least 10,000 FOS tokens. This would cost right now around 69 EOS. A little bit to expensive for me to try it out … πŸ˜‰

Because the staking or payout isn’t ready I did not include so far:



The website status of Se7ens (SEVEN) doesn’t look good currently…:

The payout of EOS WIN (LUCKY) is also not included, because it’s also done weekly and next one is coming tomorrow. Also, all payouts so far have been very small, like for example 0,34 % a week, which would be only 0,049 % per day.

Another nice looking new DApp is BingoBet (BINGO). Nice idea presenting it this way πŸ™‚

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currecncies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.

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  1. Conceptskip

    One question if i may: i hear a lot about dividends. What exactly do you need to do to qualify for those? I assume you effectively provide them with your ressources, right? Do one need to transfer to a dapp, or is that just like staking?

    1. Infosion Post author

      No, usually you don’t you ressources and don’t need to send anything somewhere. You just need tokens for a special DApp (like DICE for or MEV for It’s a staking system where you stake your coins like you would for CPU on EOS or similar. there are some differences whenunstaking them. MEV is for example one of the very few where you can stake/unstake immediately. Normally all sites have a one day unstaking period, FunCity is an exception with 3 days.
      On most DApps it’s pretty simple to “qualify”: Just get some tokens (easier to buy them then gamble for it usually πŸ˜‰ ), stake them and wait for the dividends to come. Then you can claim them. On EOSPOKER for example you don’t have to claim them manually, you just get them paid once a day into your EOS account. Everything else pays out every hour, day or week. On most sites the dividends accumulate to claim. So you don’t have to claim every hour, can easily claim later all. However there are exceptions like EndlessDice, you have to claim them daily otherweise your dividend share goes into the next payout pool for all. I’m goin to do a table with all of the current DApps I know where the differences will be easy to see. Just stay tuned for the next articles of this series. If you have any other questions just ask!
      Hope this wasn’t too much .. πŸ˜‰
      PS: Oh yeah and I didn’t really look into that but some like EOSPOKER for example pay also dividends if you stake them CPU.

    1. Infosion Post author

      Yeah probably a safe decision (@selling ROLL). Payouts looking okay so far but I should also look into what they are up to in the future. Seems like other projects are much further. But this could only seem like it. When I remmeber how they really didn’t say much about the payout series, but then delivered this without any problems. So EOSLuckyMe might be some project that may surprise one day by just publishing something without big news before … Well I’ll see what the future brings πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your input!