On this interesting video from Bitcoin.com Roger talks about what I would know as an Agent Provocateurs which is infiltrated agents withing a group to create and just act like a member of the group while pushing a different agenda or just make the group look bad to prove a point.

This is not new, and has happened since 2012. Roger showed how this has happened on the Bitcoin forum like the bitcointalk posts from 2012. Some even creating bullshit posts, and posts that didn’t made any sense.

Although I haven’t seen this on the forums I participate or any other, I have seen some posts from people that seem to be a follower that just shows how fragile the net goes as far as the web and real identities. Of course however I have seen over passionate debates and famous flame wars, in my time, but rarely is because someone is actively getting payed, at least from a certain point.

I remember a similar video done by crypto celebrity Amanda B Johnson gave two big videos on the topic of the status of Bitcoin.

The second one is even an older video where she talks about Blockstream when it was created and sounded really bad, and somewhat you could see the mess that was to come.

I think both of these videos can show the way that Bitcoin is being controlled by different forces from the social to the economic level as I see more and more people convinced that the price of bitcoin is somewhat manipulated. Shout out to @working2005 and maybe this encourage a longer bear market than it should be.

Please let me know what you think, and if Bitcoin and other coins are full of Agent Provocateurs that goes beyond a suspicion and even see people recruiting actively to push a agenda.

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