So this week a pretty cool album just dropped. The Single of Czarface the infamous character created by the fusion of 7L and Inspectah Deck love for comics and hiphop merged into a Dr. Doom type villian called Czarface.

The cult style character from the age of comics, toys and such is resurected into the Czarface persona.


The internet of course have a fit when it crossed with a similar culture when it took on MF Doom. The long time sinester personality inspired on Dr Doom. MF Doom has been a legendary rapper/producer which has capture his following with underground querky hiphop.


So last year ‘Metalface’ meets ‘Czarface’ and at last the album was released.


The whole mixdown create an undeground orgasm. However the next step is integrating the long awaited ‘other’ Wu-Tang face called Ghostface. Called Ghostface Killah.

So a new cover Ghostface and Czarface album called:


With a tracklist of 12 tracks:

01 Back at Ringside
02 Face Off
03 Iron Claw
04 Czarrcade ’87
05 Powers and Stuff
06 Masked Superstars
07 Morning Ritual
08 Super Soldier Serum
09 The King Heard Voices
10 Listen to the Color
11 Mongolian Beef
12 (Post Credits Scene)

If you are a fan please comment this post. I will post a new one reviewing the individual tracks more indepth. The next track will get *Iron Claw*, which was pretty amazing.

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