Though I currently subscribe to over 50 YouTube channels focused on crypto, the following five stand-out from the crowd.

Data Dash

If you only have time to watch one Crypto channel then its got to be DataDash. Though he looks like a kid, DataDash (Nicholas Merten) has 7 years of experience trading stocks, bonds, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. This rounded background is evident as DataDash examines the cryptocurrency market. His daily posts are informative, measured and calm. In a hype-filled space, this channel informs, educates and cautions those interested in the crypto space. Nicholas is in this for the long-haul and respects his audience. Time and again I have found his analysis of market fundamentals and current price action absolutely spot-on.

My only caveat would be the monthly picks. With over 300k subscribers, DataDash’s recommendations can move the market. If you agree with his analysis of a project, a buy order on a retracement is almost certainly going to be better than chasing the token/currency after a 10-20% move.

The Crypto Lark

The Crypto Lark’s daily roundups are a great means of keeping up with market sentiment and recent developments. A true crypto enthusiast, the Lark is connected to what’s going on and what’s/who’s moving the market. His frequent interviews with project leads/developers are in-depth and informative.

However, please be aware that the Lark does do a lot of sponsored reviews. Personally, I rarely watch them unless I’ve already become interested in the project. This is key, never invest in a cryptocurrency or token based on a sponsored review.

Crypto Zombie

A very useful place to get a wide-ranging update on crypto. The channel also offers a lot of other content such as industry interviews and project reviews. ‘Token Tank’ a shared livestream interview format is particularly informative. ‘Crypto Zombie’ often looks under the hood with a strong focus on clarifying key technical concepts in crypto.

Hardly Difficult

Though Hardly Difficult still has a small subscriber base, it is an excellent channel for relevant and hype-free daily updates. The channel also provides in-depth reviews of project whitepapers and takes particular care to point out potential issues within such offerings.

Ivan on Tech

As a developer, Ivan demonstrates a keen understanding of the technical side of the market. The channel discusses notable news but also provides a daily breakdown of some programming area of crypto such as ‘What is Nimble Wimble’ for example. This is, therefore, an excellent place to stay both up to date and further your general understanding of the technology underlying blockchain and crypto.

Honourable mention

Coin Mastery

Another excellent source of crypto news with some emphasis on price chart analysis couched within a broader marker framework.

At first glance, Coin Mastery appears to be a channel focused solely on technical analysis. However, chart discussions are in fact, only a minor part of the channel’s overall approach. Though a tad longwinded on occasion Coin Mastery’s daily updates provide a thorough reflection on market sentiment, current news, and future market direction. The channel has a distinctly educational and reflection-based approach to the crypto market, think now – buy later, great stuff!

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