Anyone else want free EOS? I noticed some of the EOS gaming Dapps are offering lucky draws that mostly result in 0.0005 EOS a day, still there is a very small chance you may win more. I found 4 such sites and a site called PRA which offers tokens daily.

This reminds me of the many BTC faucets that allowed you to get a tiny amount of BTC every day, I don’t think I ever used them for long enough to make the minimum for withdraw, luckily EOS has changed the game with zero fee transactions, enabling small amounts to be distributed.

Many EOS gaming sites allow you to collect tokens while you play. Daily free draws gives you the thrill of a random number and prize and will only cost you some of your precious CPU allowance.

All these sites require an EOS account and Scatter installed…


DEOS have been around since before EOS launch, offer dice and slots with multiple tokens and more games to come. They have their own token DEOS, lucky draw is for free EOS.


Betdice have the DICE token, which has seen a dramatic rise in value over the last few weeks. Free EOS daily from their draw.


The Endless Token, ET, can be staked for dividends, like DICE and many others, though it is my understanding that with endless you must claim before midnight everyday or you will lose out on your potential dividends.