Let me start by saying that I didn’t think I would be writing about Worbli again so soon. However, I have had an idea in my head for well over a year now, but I was hitting some roadblocks when thinking about it on other blockchains. I am going to explain what barriers I was running into and with what blockchains and also why Worbli feels like a chain that could support my idea.

My idea hits two major internet markets, and I will explain why it would benefit both. I will also say that one of the markets is the opposite of what Worbli is marketing towards which is why I didn’t realise straight away that Worbli could help with my idea. The first market is the adult entertainment industry. Now, I want to explain that I will not be talking about anything that happens on the sites or any adult material it will be purely business and finance related. The second market will be the gaming industry.

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, I am talking about live streaming. I want to go through both individually and how it will work on both platforms. I also want to explain why they would benefit from using this platform and what issues they face currently.

Adult Entertainment Streaming.

The main issue facing this market right now is models not getting paid enough and also people not wanting to pay for the entertainment. Let me explain. Some models in developing countries work for groups that supply the equipment for them, and then the group gets a percentage of the income. However, the other issue with that is the website is also taking part of the profits. So let’s go into figures, let’s say a customer buys $10 worth of tokens they then pay a model those, the website then gets 50% of those tokens then the group acquires 50% of what’s left. The model is left with $2.50 even though they are the ones working for it. In turn, the customer thinks this transaction is worth $10, but the model sees this transaction as $2.50.

These issues can be fixed by creating an off chain website such as Trybe and has a monetary system linked to the blockchain. People can then earn two types of revenue and also gain from other benefits such as.

  1.  Earn by upvote system similar to Trybe
  2.  Earn by tips similar to current adult sites.
  3.  Less to pay to the website as other income would be available.

There are different benefits to both of these revenue streams that help both the customer.

1) Earn by upvote system similar to Trybe

Doing this not only lets people who do not have much money upvote the favourite model but it also enables people downvote. Now the downvote would be used if the model is just sat there looking away for hours or things such as this to stop abuse by the model. However, the models could also upvote and downvote an individual watching if they were abusive.

2) Earn by tips similar to current adult sites.

Tips would help pay for private shows and ways to earn extra revenue.

3) Less to pay to the website as other income would be available.

The website would either take no percentage or a much lower amount to stop from the models receiving less income. However the site could make from advertisements and maybe charging a basic fee for registration.

Gaming industry

The main problems with streaming games these days is exposure, however, most streamers, if they stream for around 5 to 6 hours a day, get at least 20 viewers. I used to stream games myself, and I never earned a penny. Mainly due to not many viewers so I couldn’t monetise my content and I also didn’t know how to set up a donate easily. All of this could be fixed due to the reasons I listed above.

On this site, you could also self-promote by paying in tokens. The great thing about this is there are always people buying and selling tokens constantly to create a flowing economy.

I know a few of you might be thinking well all of this is possible on the EOS blockchain. Well maybe, however, there are some other issues I came across later in the thought process of all of this that Worbli solves.

  1. Age Verification.
  2. Duplicate accounts upvoting people.

These were the main issues I was facing with EOS and Worbli solves this.

1) Age Verification.

They both can use age verification through the KYC for adult content and make sure streamers are old enough to perform.

2) Duplicate accounts upvoting people.

Anyone can create a new EOS account I know this as I have five. So what is stopping me from just creating new accounts on these sites? Well with KYC again we can prove who you are and therefore know that you only have one account.

When I first started looking into this, I was thinking it could be designed more like Steemit however as we have seen with videos running on the blockchain they can be very slow and I don’t think live streaming will work on there. Then came along EOS and made things like Trybe possible and made a massive leap in technological bounds. Now hopefully with Worbli running off EOS.IO software, we can get things such as this. Even though I didn’t see the benefit in Worbli at first when it came to finance, I did when I brought my idea into it, and things started dropping into place.

I am not a developer, and i wouldn’t know where to start with something like this, however, feel free to use my idea and I hope it is a huge success.

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