Not everyone will be significantly successful, it’s the law of life.

The reason is this, everyone is comfortable with being normal. Only few are bold enough to be different.

Being different requires sounding insane and being at the spotlight, it’s not always comfortable following a rare path. Just getting by and not wanting to be noticed gives us comfortability.

Being among the crowd helps bury our flaws and weaknesses, things we ought to deal with but because of less criticism we feel we’re good. Everything seem to go well when we dare to follow our dreams, the moment we set out on the journey to destiny, all hell set loose and it seem the whole world is against us.

Many don’t want such pressure and are scared if they can take it.

Being different cost much more than being normal, you’ll be afraid and not sure if you’re doing the right thing

Many will say you’re out of your mind, result won’t often come on time but STAY AT IT!!!

It will cost you some relationships you hold dare to your heart,  even family members might stop believing in you. It is only you seeing that dream during conception,  not everyone will understand and don’t blame them.  Don’t allow them to talk you out of it either,  own your conviction and be responsible for every of your decisions.

There’s a thing called the “Law of Consistency” amazing things don’t come easy, when you stay at it, you become a master of it. Nobody listens to excuses of why something didn’t work,  it’s how you were able to fight through they want to hear,  how you’re able to keep believing against all odds.

You own your life, you’ll be accountable for every action or inaction you take here on earth. You know what you carry within you, don’t be too afraid to chase your dream!

Choose to go against the tide, fly upward against the wind and DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!

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  1. Smitty

    This is excellent strategy for getting ahead with life’s endeavors as well as personal development. I’ve made a habit of listening to my dreams and chasing them. Risks are to be embraced knowing that without risk there will be no gain. I picked up a sailboat when I was 17 and sailed around the Pacific before settling in remote Alaska for 30 years. And there I pushed my limits to the extreme. Onawale, what have you done to fly against the wind?

    1. Onawale Stephen Post author

      wow!!! I’m inspired by your story and it’ll influence my next line of action in following my dreams.

      As regards the question, I’ve done a couple of thing in the pursuit of my dream though I’ve not done as much as you did but I’ll do that soon

      I failed out of college some years back and I went back to the same school to pursue a new dream. I’ve used all I have to buy books and attend conferences, I have gone for a workshop when I had to trek miles to and fro.

      These things are feats for me though I’m still scared to do something’s, but your story is stirring something within me. Thank you