According to the world health organization, approximately 1 million people die from suicide annually. every 40 seconds, there is a record of suicide attempt. Depression plays a vital role in this.

Anxiety and Depression is not just something we can sweep under the carpet. Some people goes around wearing a smile of summer rain. But deep inside, they are depressed to the death.

Anxiety is one of the major causes of Depression, everyone has anxiety but in different proportion. Being anxious has some advantages which includes keeping us sobber and vigilant. But at the same time can be over whelming and prevent us from doing things we want to do, like going to places, making friends, going to the GYM etc.

Being anxious is pristine and its a way of our body responding to potential harm. In the world we are living today, stress are rather mental other than physical. Worries not properly tamed  can trigger anxiety. Some people are able to scale through and remain un-agitated by stress why others are less imune  to stress and easily become incapacitated.

Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety are of different forms, so different approach can be used to tackle this situation. Here are some tips on tackling Anxiety and Depression.

1. Anxiety management training: this is best for people with generalized anxiety. In this training, in this training, a therapist help people to replace, thoughts of depression with thought of relaxation.

2. Light therapy: studies shows that over exposure to dark places can lead to some form of depression. indoors environment are darker than outdoors environment to combat this, light boxes can be used to increase light exposure. So its a great idea to occationally get exposure to lightning.

3. Hang out with friends and family: if you ever have any thoughts of self-harm, its important to try as much as you can to talk to friends and family. self-harm is a symptom of distress but not necessarily a psychological illness.

Thanks for reading and hope you find this article useful

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  1. MineYourMind

    Prove suicide is a product of illness…I say it’s a product of a broken society and its lies.

    What makes one want to stay here? The answer is subjective and I posit that people can’t handle being slaves and yes, you are a slave.

    This begs the question, is suicide the result of a sickness or is the sickness learning to be a happy slave? I say it’s the latter…

  2. Zeus69

    Depression is one of those hidden illnesses that most people prefer not to even discuss until sometimes its too late. Thank you for sharing. Most people suffer from it some time in there life.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  3. Cloud blade

    Anxiety and Depression.
    Another point is the resistance to stress.
    Because many people suicide,
    Not from their own Anxiety and Depression,
    is because his lack of stress.
    When he was disliked,
    When he was scolded,
    When he was abandoned,
    When he was bullied,
    When he was cast aside,
    he was worse than a person,
    He produced Anxiety and Depression,
    so think to suicide,
    So stress resistance is very important.