Pain from the world is expected and sometimes welcomed, as we know, it is a part of life and we try really hard to brace ourselves for it; but the pain from the ones we love and trust. Now, that is a lot of pain, and one that really hurts because at times of pain, you turn to the ones you love for support and comfort, but what will you do if the one doing the hurting, is the one you meant to turn to when you’re hurt. It is really a difficult situation to be in, as it will feel like the whole world is against you and there’s nothing you can do to help yourself. The tasking part is dealing with this disappointment, people react to emotional distress differently, some tend to bottle it all up and can focus at the task at hand, be it work or other family or business commitments, while others don’t’ react to pain very well.

Those that experience a lot of emotions intensely, this will be a difficult time for them as they will be faced with a lot of emotional distress, that if not properly managed can lead to depression or a series of other emotional traumas that may reflect negatively on the health on the individual.

In this post, we will discuss a few things that will help anyone dealing with depression associated with disappointment or failure. Life, as we know is filled with disappointments and twist and turns, some we anticipate and respond swiftly to, others may appear via our blind spot and hence knock us off our game. We may need a lot of mental fortitude to over some, while others we will need a couple of days to get over.

Manage your Emotions

The major challenge faced when one gets disappointed is emotional discomfort, and since that where all the pain will be felt, it is best we fortify that fortress for future instances. It will be wise to manage our expectations when dealing with people or individuals, it is best we take a somewhat detached position where we try as much as possible not to feel too much because, at the end of the day, we will always get disappointed one way or the other. So in a way, the cynical approach always helps because the cynic expects little from the world, and when the world gives him a lot of things, it will be a pleasant surprise for him, and when the world offers little, he is not disappointed. In both cases, the cynic stays mentally and emotionally stable.

So, dealing with the world from a detached position can be a good way to operate, although it is the road less travelled, as it is usually plagued with loneliness and mixed feedback from people, living this way tend to distance all the drama associated with the world.

Don’t take it Personal

Disappointment is bound to happen in this world we live in as expectations usually hang in the balance and is most times control by forces beyond our control. When disappointment and other negative forces of life happens, forces that we need to accept are beyond our control occur, we can learn to understand that this isn’t a personal attack, and we can find a way to turn it into a win, one way or the other. But the takeaway here is we need to understand that some things are beyond our control, and we need to stop obsessing over such things and move on.

This is obviously that best way to approach any situation, but I believe a hybrid of both scenarios will help in maintaining balance in our lives. Their things we need to obese about, and there are those we need to let go off and save our energy for more intense and bigger battles up ahead the road because we can be sure there will be. So it wise not to take disappointment to much to the heart, and we will definitely keep getting hurt, and end up depressed and unhappy, and it will be also being callous about disappointments, may, in the end, turn us into a disappointment magnet.


[Psychcentral – Coping with Disappointment]

[Tiny Buddha – Dealing With Depression]

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  1. Zeus69

    Great post, most people do not talk about their personal depression issues, easy to run to the Doctor for physical illness than reveal issues related to mental illness.
    Thanks for sharing, 😉
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Yandot Post author

      Of course it’s the right choice, we live if we don’t have a goal, depression will happen to us when thinking about things that are excessive, thanks for reading and comment

  2. Rezoanul Vibes

    When you get hurt from someone you love, that’s really painful. If other people hurt you, that is easy to take. But not from ones you love and care. It is difficult to handle this situation.

    Life is not all butterfly, sunshine, and rainbows. Different situation in life teaches us different things. And we need that to grow and move to the next level. Thank you @yandot for sharing this!