Very exciting times here at Trybe HQ, as our next airdrop is about to be launched!

Just a few more hours to go!

On the 11th of December at 11:59pm (CST), we will be giving away 10 million TRYBE tokens!

The amount of tokens you receive will be based on your current TRYBE balances.

These include:

  • Your TRYBE balance in your EOS account (liquid or staked)
  • Your TRYBE balance on our website (this is called your off-chain balance)
  • Your pre-sale balance

The total of all these balances can be seen on our wallet at

Based on this total, you will share in the 10 million token airdrop.

At present, here is a list of the total number of tokens held be everyone:

Pre-sale Total: 10 million

On-site Total: 6.5 million

On-chain Total: 21 million

GRAND TOTAL: 37.5 Million

Because we are giving away 10 million tokens proportionately, this means that for every token you hold you will be receiving approximately 0.27 tokens (10M / 37.5M = 0.26) or 26% more tokens! Note: this figure will change a bit before the airdrop if people purchase more pre-sale tokens.

There’s 24 hours to go, so you still have time to increase the number of tokens you receive in the airdrop by purchasing more!

Visit our pre-sale page RIGHT NOW to increase your airdrop bonus!

Airdop Portal:

By 12pm midday on the 11th of December, our Airdrop Portal will be ready on our wallet. You can check your up-to-date balance and allocation there at any time after that.

How to get your airdrop:

To claim your airdrop you must visit that portal (in our wallet) and claim your tokens. They will be ready for claiming after the airdrop time and for up to 14 days afterwards.

NOTE: If you have earned tokens on our site and they are not showing up in your off-chain balance on our wallet, then please visit Profile > Edit and make sure that you have added your EOS account in there via Scatter.

Upcoming Airdrops:

Each month, from the 11th January until the 11th of November 2019, we will be dropping MORE tokens – a total of 7M each month! 5M will be distributed to all TRYBE holders, 1M extra will be given to the top 50 holders, and a further 1M MORE will be given to the top 10 holders!

For all future airdrops you will need to STAKE your liquid TRYBE balance AT LEAST 25 days before the airdrop!

We highly recommend that you stake your tokens straight after the airdrop to avoid missing out on the future ones! (Pre-sale tokens and on-site tokens are already considered staked – so there’s no need to do anything with those except accumulate as many as possible before the airdrop!)

Thanks again for being part of the Trybe community!

Tom and the Trybe Team 🙂




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  1. Dukefish

    ” 1M extra will be given to the top 50 holders, and a further 1M MORE will be given to the top 10 holders!”

    I have said it before and I will say every time airdrops are mentioned,

    I feel rewarding and creating whales out of the top 10 and 50 is still too narrow of a margin for a reward.

    I think you should consider increasing the value to reward more people for active participation in the trybe community! Maybe top 50 and top 500.

  2. Ilia

    Wonderful news! Since the beginning of the project, you have done a lot of work and achieved good results. Airdrop is great news for all subscribers and investors of the project. Thank you very much team and you personally Tom!

  3. Magk

    I have no access to the pre-sale wallet at all at, have earned tokens on your site only, but cannot add them via Scatter either as Profile_Edit_Login via Scatter button is not working at all, cannot login with Scatter, cannot use Scatter, do not see my EOS account at all – it’s impossible this way for me. Can you add my tokens and airdrops via Mobile MEET.ONE wallet which has my EOS account? You should add MEET.ONE wallet with my EOS account for both: earned on site tokens to show in my account and for all airdrops. Scatter is impossible for me, Scatter button is not working. Or maybe you should add both Mobile apps: which is connected with MEET.ONE with my EOS account is the only way I can receive any Trybe earned on site and airdrops – by using mobile MORE.ONE and withdraw them to MEET.One. Waiting on MEET.ONE wallet via MORE.ONE app. Thanks.