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in this article I want to share the next latest news about the Decenturion project with you.

*The first Brazilian, representing the accredited media and the Decenturion community, has applied to the Ministry of Education for accreditation as a mentor. In the Brazilian community of Decenturion, a sharp increase in interest in obtaining citizenship and information about the state has been noted.*

According to the Ministry of Education of Decenturion, a significant number of citizens living in countries of South America show interest in accreditation as a mentor. Brazil is one of those countries, where the community of citizens of Decenturion expresses big desire to take an active part as the citizens of the state.

Bruno Alexandrino, a Brazilian citizen of Decenturion and accredited media representative, has notified the Ministry of Education that Brazil’s interest in Decenturion is growing rapidly every day. Bruno, members of his team and communities in WhatsApp and on YouTube, follow all state news announced through press releases and webinars and translate them into Portuguese for further distribution.

Bruno himself believes that Decenturion is an ambitious state with a great future, the idea is very interesting to their growing community. New members of the community before activating citizenship want to get complete knowledge about Decenturion in their native language. Bruno’s goal and his main work are to create content available to the Brazilian audience in Portuguese.

Bruno Alexandrino:

“I am a representative of Decenturion, I want and can do more for the development of the state. I know people who are ready to help make the Decenturion State more understandable to the Brazilian audience, and perhaps we will become a bridge between Decenturion and Brazil.”

Ministries and initiative citizens strive to ensure that the idea of the Decenturion State embraces as many people as possible, and to ensure the demand for citizenship to be many times greater than the supply. The teams of developers, employees of all the ministries are hoping for the support of the citizens of the state and more active participation of everyone in the development of Decenturion. Only together, doing small things and at the same time achieving great results, we can make our state one of the most advanced societies in the sphere of innovation, economy and the standards of living for all citizens.

Information about the Decenturion State:

Decenturion is the world’s first state that uses decentralized technologies in the economy, lawmaking and social sphere, and helping to introduce them to other states.

The state was founded on June 4, 2018. The official date of foundation is timed to the first speech of Decenturion representatives at a special UN event in New York, USA.

The number of citizens in November 2018 exceeds 280 thousand. It is expected that their number will grow to 1,8 million by 2019. Decenturion takes the first place in the world for the density of dollar millionaires per capita, the level of education and the level of IT literacy.

At the moment, Decenturion is in the process of acquiring a territory that will allow it to obtain the status of an independent state and in accordance with the regulations, to join the UN.

Official channels of the Decenturion State:

Website — https://decenturion.com/

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/decenturionapp/

Telegram — https://t.me/decenturion

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/DECENTURIONOF

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/DecenturionState

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