Hello dear blog readers,

in this article I want to share some of the latest news about the Decenturion project with you.

1. DCNT Liquid Tokens are now listed on the HotBit exchange

Since November 13th, The DCNT Liquid Token (DCNT) has been listed on the HotBit cryptocurrency exchange (https://www.hotbit.io).

The HotBit cryptocurrency exchange works without commission for deposit of funds and without minimum deposit requirements. It is also available from China without a VPN, which is important for the regional partners of the Decenturion State.

In addition, to ensure continual trading, the Ministry of Strategic Development of Decenturion decided to list the DCNT token on the YoBIT cryptocurrency exchange in the next weeks.

Important info: The cooperation with HitBTC is temporarily suspended, and the mechanisms for buy-back of tokens under futures contracts are transferred to HotBit. The holders of DCNT Liquid are recommended to transfer tokens to the HotBit exchange.

2. Option to withdraw startups and DCNT Liquid tokens to an external wallet & to other users

The citizens of Decenturion are now able to withdraw DCNT Liquid and startups tokens to an external wallet with support for the ERC20 (Ethereum) protocol from their personal account. A technical commission of 0.0025 ETH is charged for a transaction of tokens to an external wallet. To pay the commission, the DCNT wallet in your personal account must be replenished with a sufficient amount of Ethereum (ETH).

In the citizen’s personal account in “My Tokens” section, a “Send” button appeared in front of each digital asset. After pressing it, you must select one of the possible options:

● To another citizen

● To an external wallet (temporarily disabled)

When choosing an option to send to an external wallet, you must specify:

– Address of the wallet with support for the ERC-20 protocol (Ethereum).

– The number of tokens.

– Code 2fa (two-factor authentication).

Then you need to confirm the transfer. The result can be checked in the Transactions history.

Official channels of the Decenturion State:

Website : https://decenturion.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/decenturionapp/

Telegram :  https://t.me/decenturion

Twitter : https://twitter.com/DECENTURIONOF

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/DecenturionState

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