If ever we need other good reasons to sleep the right number of hours a night, here is another, in some ways unexpected: allow less than six hours of night rest can leave our body not properly hydrated.

According to a large study conducted on over 25 thousand volunteers between China and the United States, those who sleep too little wakes up with more concentrated urine and runs a risk of dehydration from 16 to 59 percent higher, compared to those who follow the canonical sleep rhythms. eight hours vigil. According to the same research by Pennsylvania State University, feeling out of shape after a too short night could also partly depend on dehydration: a glass of water as soon as awake could help soothe these symptoms.


WHAT IS IT DEPENDING? For scientists this strange effect is due to the hormonal mechanisms with which the organism regulates hydration; and in particular vasopressin, a hormone released during the day and night that manages the distribution of body fluids. This substance, which causes the body to not dehydrate during sleep, is released faster and in higher quantities in the last stages of the resting cycle. Shortening it a lot or interrupting it too soon makes us therefore “miss” the crucial time window in which the hormone is put into circulation. The subjects who slept too little in the study had more concentrated urine (with less water) than those who slept right.

For the moment, the study highlights only a correlation: it does not prove, that is, that little sleep causes dehydration. Between the two conditions, however, there may be a sort of biological link. For example, it could be a sort of circular mechanism: little sleep is linked to dehydration, and those who are dehydrated sleep worse and less. But more research will be needed on this.

For the moment, I prefer to have a glass of water on the bedside table, especially I have a short night in front of me. In one way or another, it will serve.

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  1. Nicholas

    My method is very simple. I drink one glass water in each hour (this mean lot of toilet-visiting btw 😀 ), and two glass before i go to bed.
    I put a glass, next to me (not in the bed, on the bedside, of course), but i never wake up, so i dont drink it, just in morning.

  2. miti

    Interessante.. allora attendiamo altre analisi in merito. Certo ci sono tante correlazioni, come il fatto che gli anziani dormono progressivamente meno ore e che siano cronicamente disidratati, ma occorre verificare tali correlazioni.