One of the famous acronym of fear is (False Evidence Appearing Real). While this acronym may sound motivating, telling you that the fear you are so overwhelmed with may not be, it does not tell us what the possible cause may be or the source of the fear and how we should react when next fear comes! Yea, it always does and you know it.

My mentor Kunle Awotiku always described fear to me as

F(Ear) = fear of the ear or fear of what we ear.

The ear is one of the major sources of fear and also the eyes. If you really think about it, most of your fears today stems from what you were told, stories you heard or read, and incidents you witness.

Everyone have heard stories of ghost and how they can pass through walls but not many have seen one, if any. Yet majority are afraid of ghosts because of what we read, watch or stories we were told. Questioning that fear and seeking for more empowering information which is acquired through demystification before jumping into any conclusion.

Demystifying the fear of snake

If you are afraid of snakes the most likely action you will take when you see one is to run. This is to say that, for you (snake = bite me and then death). Thus snakes kills..

According to scientific studies. Snakes does not kill neither do snake bite but snake venom does, for the venom to kill it has to pass through the blood stream and get to the heart before death can be the outcome depending on the type of snake and venom type.

* Most snakes will run when they see you

* You can protect yourself with a long pole, by pushing it away.

* Not all snakes are venomous

* Tying the region of the snake bite will prevent the venom from flowing to other part of the body before help arrive.

The above are useful information that will put fear away making you think logically and taking reasonable actions that will help save a life when in a tragic situation, instead of running and leaving loved ones behind simply because you were scared and not thinking clearly.

When next you find yourself in the fearful situation, ask you, are my assumptions about the situation facts or fictions before taking actions.

Till I come your way again, stay blessed…

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    FEAR is the “Alarm” to wake you up and let you know that SOMETHING IMPORTANT is GOING to HAPPEN….. SO PAY ATTENTION and THINK CAREFULLY !!!!!

    Unfortunately people get lost in their fear instead of heading its advice (dear in the headlights). It comes for a prediction of the future (that does not always pass) and if not used properly, it can lead to the self fulfilling prophecy of itself.

  2. Infosion

    Very nice subject and a well written article!
    Also a good example with the snake. you can relate this to a lot of other examples I guess.
    Fear is most of the time not helpfull nowadays. For my understanding this also has a lot do with fear being originally very important for our survival a few hundred years ago. It’s just so hard “coded” into us humans that we will probably need some time to readjust our “fear system” to be more usefull in the future 😉