With a user base of 3.5 million people, DENT is one of the more succesfull tokens and brings blockchain technology to consumers in a very smooth and useful process. The token is used to sell or buy data packages for mobile phones.

I used to have a data-limited package on my mobile. You were paying for the amount of data you estimated you would use in a month. When you underestimated and went over your package deal, champagne corks were blowing at the providers office as you would be paying a staggering fee until the next month cycle kicked in. So everyone was overestimating their monthly use and buying a bigger package then necessary. Some providers promised that unused data could be transferred to the next month (but would evaporate in the 2nd month) but still you were paying for more then you needed. In some countries unlimited data packages are becoming the norm, but in many countries fixed data bundles are the most used contracts. It is estimated that worldwide, 4.8 B$ worth of paid bundles ends up as unused data.

DENT came up with a brilliant idea to auction unused mobile data via a secure decentralized exchange in return for tokens. Using an app on your mobile, just before your monthly contract expires, you sell your redundant Mb for DENT tokens at a price that shows up on your screen. Someone else who is running out of Mb may buy additional bundles for DENT tokens at a price that is way below what he/she would be paying when the bundle was exceeded.

An ICO was launched in July 2017 by a strong team of seasoned entrepreneurs and developers and during the peak ICO frenzy period it took only 2 weeks to raise enough money to get the company started.

The crucial part in the whole project was if telecom providers would be willing to facilitate such transfers as it may also eat up some of their profit margin. On the other hand, it could be a selling point to position the early adopters in a very competitive field of mobile telecom providers.

Onboarding some very big operators (AT&T, Verizon, Movistar) early on got the ball rolling. An ambitious roadmap resulted in an iOS app in April 2018 followed by the Android app in May 2018. Both reached the no.1 position in app stores wherever the coin was launched. At the date of writing, 69 providers are partnering with DENT covering countries on all continents. The graphs shows the number of downloads in the first 3 months after launch. The target for 2018 is 7 million users and at the current rate they will reach that milestone with a wide margin.

Downloads DENT app in first 3 months after launch

Besides having millions of people using blockchain technology (most of them will not even realise it), the real beauty is in the market mechanism that is underlying the trades in data bundles.
For example,
• any user, anywhere in the world can buy databundels with the DENT app and send it to another person that uses any of the listed telecom providers and top-up their bundle. The only thing you need would be the mobile number of the recipient. Basically, this would qualify as a payment transaction, coming close to “banking the unbanked”.
• you can recharge your bundle directly using DENT, which you either buy with fiat money through Paypal, or you migrate tokens from an ERC20 wallet scanning a QR code.
• planned for Q4 2018 is the launch of a dedicated DENT exchange that will allow selling your surplus data bundles in exchange for DENTs, the original purpose of the whole venture.


The price of a databundle is set by mobile operators, but the price of DENT is subject to supply and demand at a growing list of exchanges where DENT is being traded. With a few days delay, the exchange price will trickle down to the prices you see in the app, but when you follow exchanges closely, you can realise 10-40% discount as cryptos fluctuate widely. People will quickly learn data trading.

In the long run, a growing demand may lift the price of DENT, but that will also decrease the number of tokens you need to pay for 1 Gb databundle. When the app gains massive worldwide traction, you will see that roaming costs will tumble (just buy extra bundle from a local member when you are abroad). The latest roadmap indicates that DENT intends to become a global telco, providing voice call, video call, SMS, retail data awards and inter-telco trading. It would be a lot cheaper for telcos to optimize their own markets via DENT then building silos on their own and I expect major companies will use this trading option. So far, DENT lived up to their promises. It will be an interesting company to follow in the coming years.


Circulating Supply 17,241,387,101 DENT
Total Supply 100,000,000,000 DENT
26,368 token holders (excluding mobile phone accounts)
The DENT team wallet currently holds 67% of distibuted tokens.


DENT mobile app

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