Dear players,

We`ve made a lot in our game thanks to your support and calmness! In that case we`ve got really good news for you!
We are happy to announce full DEOS Games relaunch!


Cashback launched

We’ve paid the first DEOS Games cashback with total amount of 266.9085 EOS on 26.11.18.
First cashback was paid for holders, who staked 1K+ DEOS. But be attentive! 

Next time cashback will be paid only for holders, who staked 25K+ DEOS!

According to current DEOS token price in Newdex exchange we have quite interesting ROI rate for the DEOS holders:

DEOS price on 27.11.18 – 0.000234 EOS.
10K DEOS price – 2.34 EOS
Cashback paid per 10K – 0.1886 EOS
ROI % – 8.06%
Daily ROI – 0.448%

We will continue to stimulate players to play more and prepared some new promo features besides new Video Poker game for rapid increasing of our cashback pool.


DEOS mining amount is 150M, where 50M team DEOS tokens as a gift for miners!
The previous mining rate was 1
DEOS per 1 EOS. But now we`are proud to declare that starting mining rate is 80 DEOS per 1 EOS. Just imagine it`s 80 times bigger than it was!

80x rate will be able until 250K EOS wagered.
You have a full possibilities to get as much DEOS tokens as you can, we guess 150 Millions is enough for everyone!


Video poker is the only game in the casino where practice and some smart shopping can enable you to be a big winner in the casino and it`s to be going to be released till the end of this week!

The game begins as soon as you place a bet through a EOS transaction on our smart contract. Afterwards, you will be dealt five cards, randomly generated by smart contract, and will need to decide which card(s) to discard, if any, in hopes to get a better hand.

Going to the next one!

Daily giveaways for top 10 players according to the wagered sum and Jackpots among all players, which is going to be much frequent than 1 times per day. But if you want to increase your chances to win prize you have an opportunity to do it, because the bigger bet you place — the bigger chance you get!

All detailed info about giveaways and jackpots we`ll give asap!

Yours faithfully,
DEOS Games team!

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  1. Infosion

    Nice presentation of your payout data! Actually the first time I see this so nicely done, that way everyone just gets right away how much he can expect from the payouts
    Looking forward seeing more from you in the future, best of luck for the relaunch!