Today I would like to bring to your attention an exchange that was new to me till a couple of days ago where finally you can exchange all the tokens received with the airdrops received so far.

It is a cool website that to clarify its not mine and I have nothing to earn publishing them but I would like to show you that now if you like the idea of selling/buying your airdrop tokens well now you can do it without problem using a website called

As you can see from this picture it is asking you to use Chrome Browser and the reason behind this is because as maybe many of you have already spotted, it works with scatter that actually is a plugin on Chrome.

Once you open the webpage on Chrome you will see how actually it does work, it give you an explanation of what is their scope, decentralised exchange, which allows individuals to use their own EOS account during peer-to-peer transaction. The coolest part of this is that you don’t need to provide your private key, you don’t have to give any of your info as it works with scatter therefore when a transaction is done, it will be shown on your scatter popup asking to accept or deny the transaction and working on EOS blockchain it is very quick 🙂 and at the moment with FREE transactions.

To make you better understand what I am talking about.. well have a look at this screen, once you have logged in you can choose what tokens would you like to trade or sell and start selling it. I have selected one of the most famous token that is IQ from Everipedia and you can see the price of this token, that in the last 24H it has had a +3% and others such EDNA or MEET.ONE at the moment aren’t receiving yet a good result but hey who knows what will happen next 🙂

I hope you like this my first post and I would like to receive a comment below in order to improve my skills 🙂 every comment is very welcomed if constructive.

Bye for now!


> All the photos have been taken using a screenshot of my computer otherwise I wouldn’t be able to discuss about it!

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  1. Matt -

    I actually quite like DEXEOS. Good article and informative, but don’t forget to add a main image next time. I have done so for you this time. You’ll find it under the same menu you use to select categories on the top right.

  2. Dexpartacus

    Grande Web!! Ci si incontra anche qui!
    Interessante questo tuo post, bravo, davvero un lavoro ben fatto… purtroppo non ho momentaneamente capitale libero da poter investire…ma sembra una crypto da tenere d’occhio…