Maybe, one of the questions that we have in mind when we know that diamonds are the only densest and hardest object on earth, is there anything else? Which is harder?!

If you have a girlfriend or looking at women’s clothing, you will know that diamonds are one type of their jewelry.

Not only now, but it is generally known that diamonds are the hardest material on earth. Because it is too hard, it is very difficult for us if we want to scratch diamonds, even if only a few scratches.

Then, if the diamond is the hardest object, then now its position has been replaced with Wurtzite Boron Nitride. Intrigued by its name, like the name of a chemical compound.

3M™ Boron Nitride (BN) credit

Wurtzite Boron Nitride

This material ranks first for the category of the hardest objects in the world, at least for now. These are boron and nitrogen refractory compounds with the BN chemical formula.

This material has good resistance, so the manufacture of ceramics from this material can be used as a part to survive at high temperatures. Why can wurtzite be the hardest thing in the world? it is caused by the basic element of wurtzite, it is created from unusually hot temperatures. In addition, very high pressure also makes it hard, caused by volcanic eruptions.

Diamond shifted in the third position

Besides Wurtzite Boron Nitride, there are 9 more ingredients, which have a high hard level, I will order them from the loudest to the softer ones:

  • 1. Wurtzite Boron Nitride
  • 2. Lonsdaleite
  • 3. Diamond
  • 4. Borazon
  • 5. Boron Carbide
  • 6. Rhenium Diboride
  • 7. Titanium Diboride
  • 8. Titanium Carbide
  • 9. Zirconium Carbide
  • 10. Alumina
Two-layer BN nanosheet. credit

Manufacture and Form

  • Hexagonal boron nitride shaped parts are manufactured in a hot press-molding process at high temperature.
  • Powder synthesis takes place at a high temperature in an inert atmosphere. 
  • Powders are processed to different granulate types, spray granulate, construction granulate, etc.).
  • Finishes, suspensions, and pastes are formulated from pastes with solvents.

Credit: technical-ceramics


Of course, there are many new things that humans can make using this material because when I saw, there had been a lot of demand for this boron nitride powder on the market, the prices varied, some were $ 30 / kg and more. 

Okay, Trybers, if you have questions or opinions, give your comments about this BN chemical compound. Note: I’ve published this article on steemit, you can read it here. Thanks!

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