It is important that everyone is seeing something. What you see might turn out to be your eventual reality.

Think about it

I cannot have the dream of being a doctor and all I do is visit the mechanical workshop around my house to keep up with the latest on the mechanical upgrades. Well, there is nothing wrong in having a diversified form of learning but if then thirst for knowledge in that direction takes almost all of my daily time, even if it is not wasted knowledge, it doesn’t add to the core area or the real dream I want to live in.

There is no direction without sight

A blind man cannot walk beyond the intuitive sight of his mind or the borrowed sight of his walking aid as the case may be. It therefore means that what dictates our direction is how far and how well we can see. What dictates our pace is our passion.

We can look in the same direction with other people and still not see what they see or vice versa.

We are all dreamers and eventually become achievers but we can’t really do so far if we don’t see that far.

Things we need direction for





The aforelisted are the major determinants to where and how we end our lives. They determine if we become miserable or amazing.

Getting the right bearing

Get your sight and see far to where you want to be

Travel with your instinct and focus on the path to your desired place

You cannot afford to be a victim of circumstance or something that just happens.

See through, travel through.

Direction is more important than speed

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