In occasion of the Guns’n’Roses Live concert in Florence on June 2017, I had the opportunity to stay in the Prato (Italy) or better known as Plato (🤣…in Italy there’s jokes about their Italian pronunciation) nicknamed in this funny way because of its very high population density coming from China (that “can’t” spell the R letter) according to a newspaper article on “Il Tirreno” an year ago, a boy up to six is ​​Chinese. A really nice and peaceful place where I stay for 4 days together with my girlfriend and few friends. During the night it was the opposite, from quiet and peaceful became a “chaos”, streets was full of persons drinking and eating, every bar and shop was open, a pleasant surprise! We was sleeping in a Foresteria means, which is the Hotel where we stayed, located in the magnificent Cardinal San Niccolò Square, and I learned the meaning of that word that I never heard before:

Group of rooms intended, as part of a large complex, for the accommodation of occasional guests. (Google Dictionary Quote)

You never stop learning, at least for me. The Historic Center of the town is not very big, in some hours you can visit almost all the most famous places in the city center. We really enjoy that days and next June we plan to return to see the live concert of the band  TOOL, but this time we will stay downtown in Florence. Like always I took the opportunity to take some pictures that you can see below. 

View from my room on the San Niccolò Square
San Niccolò Square
Pretorio Palace
Duomo of Prato
Duomo Tower
Duomo Pulpit 
San Francesco Church
Emperor’s Castle
Basilica di Santa Maria delle Carceri

Thank you all for reading & watching, see ya soon Trybe fellows!

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  1. Zeus69

    Great visit spot, sounds like it was major fun, I love Guns n’ Roses, never seen them live, my fav is of their re-compilation of “Knockin on Heavens door”. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your post bud.
    Mark (Zeus69)